Pregnant Indian Woman suffers Miscarriage after Gang Rape

A pregnant Indian woman from Banswara, Rajasthan suffered a miscarriage after she was allegedly gang-raped by a group of men.

Pregnant Indian Woman suffers Miscarriage after Gang Rape f

they dragged the pregnant Indian woman to an isolated area

A 19-year-old pregnant Indian woman from Rajasthan was allegedly gang-raped by five men in the Banswara district. The attack led to her suffering a miscarriage.

Police have said that the incident happened in July 2019 and they have since arrested the five suspects.

The sexual assault endured by the woman also led to her boyfriend committing suicide.

Police officers explained that the young woman was two-months pregnant when she was attacked by the five men. They believe the rape happened between July 13 and July 14.

It was reported that the woman was travelling with her boyfriend on a motorbike late at night when three men stopped them.

The men were identified as Sunil, Vikas and Jitendra. They were armed with metal rods and knives. The men beat the woman’s boyfriend and snatched his mobile phone.

According to Banswara police district circle officer Parbati Lal, the three men were intoxicated when they carried out the crime.

After beating the man, they dragged the pregnant Indian woman to an isolated area where they took turns to rape her.

The three men then abducted her and called two more associates, identified as Naresh and Vijay. They also raped her.

Officer Lal explained that the five men left the woman by the side of the road. The incident did not come to light until a few days later.

Meanwhile, the sexual attack had such an effect on the man that he later took his own life. The gang-rape incident was revealed while officers were investigating the suicide.

The man’s father had lodged a case of murder against an unknown suspect.

Jitendra had given the snatched phone to the woman and when she switched it on, the location was traced. On the day the man died, officers discovered that the woman had been making calls to the number.

Officers went to question the woman, who was undergoing medical treatment as a result of the rape, however, the police were unaware as she had not told anyone.

She finally admitted what had happened to her and her boyfriend. On July 17, officers registered a case of gang-rape, abduction and abetment to suicide under the SC/ST Act.

The brutality of the sexual assault caused the woman to have a miscarriage. She had to undergo a medical termination.

Jitendra was arrested on July 26 and the woman identified him as one of her attackers.

The four other suspects were arrested on August 11, 2019, and were charged under the SC/ST Act. But, they have not been confirmed as the rapists as the woman has not identified them.

The Times of India reported that the district magistrate will record her statement. Following an autopsy, her boyfriend’s body was handed over to his family.

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