Indian Teen fails Exam and reveals Married Men raped Her

An Indian teen failed her exam. During a counselling session, the traumatised victim revealed that she was raped by married men.

Indian Teen fails Exam and reveals Married Men raped Her f

"She had become quiet and lost interest in studies"

During a counselling session, a 15-year-old Indian teen revealed she was being raped by two married men.

The revelation came after the headteacher confronted the class nine student to see what was wrong after she failed her exam.

She said the two men had been raping her since 2015. She explained that it was happening near her home in Chhattisgarh’s Balod district.

Upon hearing her ordeal, the school informed the police and the two suspects were arrested.

During the investigation, the police discovered that one of the men had already been in prison for rape. His wife committed suicide out of shame.

The headteacher and teachers noticed the girl’s grades dropping in class six, especially because she was one of the brightest and happiest students.

Her grades declined until she eventually failed her exam in class nine.

One teacher said: “She had become quiet and lost interest in studies and activities that would excite her earlier.”

Her behaviour prompted others to ask what was wrong, however, she would find a way to avoid the conversation.

But after she failed her exam, the headteacher sat her down and decided to counsel her in a bid to find out the problem.

The victim was initially hesitant but the headteacher persisted. She later broke down and explained that two married men have been raping her over a period of four years.

She said that it first happened when she was in class six. A 35-year-old man who lived nearby lured her to his house with chocolates.

Upon entering his house, the girl was beaten and raped.

She said she “couldn’t understand what had happened”. However, the girl felt scared and was in pain.

The rapes continued and he would wait for her to return from school. The man would also sexually assault the Indian teen when her parents were away at work.

He soon called a 30-year-old man and they began taking turns to rape her.

After the police were called and her parents were informed, the victim explained that she was too scared to say anything because the two married men had threatened to kill her if she did.

This caused to feel mentally traumatised as she did not know who to turn to.

She stated that it started “affecting her mental balance”, her behaviour and studies.

An FIR was registered against the two men and they were later arrested under the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act (POCSO).

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