Wikipedia updated Sushant’s death before news of his suicide?

Sushant’s fans have claimed that the actor’s Wikipedia page was updated with the news of his death before he tragically committed suicide.

Wikipedia updated Sushant's death before he committed suicide? f

“That means someone already knew it before his death"

Theories surrounding the untimely death of Sushant Singh Rajput have been ongoing since his unfortunate death on 14 June 2020.

Now, it appears eagle-eyed fans have spotted that the actor’s Wikipedia page was updated with the news of his death before he actually committed suicide.

It was revealed the 34-year-old actor tragically took his own life at his residence in Bandra, Mumbai after suffering from depression for six months.

Since then, Sushant’s demise has sent shockwaves in the film industry and across the nation. Arguments such as the nepotism debate have resurfaced.

Reports concerning the actor’s professional rivalry have also come to light in relation to his suicide.

It is believed these troubles pushed Sushant to take such a drastic step as he was dismissed by many in Bollywood, lost several films and more.

In fact, Bollywood A-listers like filmmaker Karan Johar, actress Alia Bhatt, actor Salman Khan and many more have been blamed for contributing to his death.

Now, another shocking revelation has been uncovered by the late actor’s fans, thus amounting to another conspiracy theory.

According to Team Sushant Shingh Rajput on Twitter, Sushant’s Wikipedia page was updated with news of his suicide before he even took the drastic step.

Several screenshots were also shared online highlighting his supposed fact.

However, according to the police, Sushant’s post-mortem report indicated that he committed suicide at approximately 10.30 am.

Whereas, the update on his Wikipedia page was edited at 8.59 am with information about his death by suicide.

The fan page wrote:

“8.59 am 14th June Sushant’s Wikipedia was updated & mentioned that he is committed suicide!!! Who was this astrologer???

“@MumbaiPolice please don’t tell us that he updated his Wikipedia before his death, cause user id is available there …”

Shruti Jain also took to Twitter to question the Wikipedia update:

“How could this be possible. A person adding to his Wikipedia page that he died by suicide at 9.08 am.

“That means someone already knew it before his death that we will commit suicide.

“There is something fishy .. CBI needs to investigate.”

However, these speculations were disregarding. In fact, Wikipedia is an open-source website and can be edited by anyone.

Commenting on this theory, OpIndia clarifies:

“According to the ‘View History’ section of Wikipedia, someone started editing Sushant’s page at around 8.55 am on 14th June 2020 and by 8.59 am, the Wikipedia user added the information that the actor has died by suicide.

“As per the same report, the IP location of the editor is 139.242.88 that can be traced to New Delhi.

“The time when the changes on SSR’s page were made shows 8.59 am, however, it is not according to Indian Standard Time [IST].

“Wikipedia uses Coordinated Universal Time or UTC that is 5.30 hours behind IST.

“So, anyone who changed the article on Wikipedia on Sushant Singh Rajput did it at 8.59 am UTC that converts to 2.29 pm IST.”

Therefore, the Wikipedia update was, in fact, made after the Sushant’s demise.

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