Saif wasn’t Allowed to See Kids after Divorce?

Saif Ali Khan, who was once married to actress Amrita Singh with who he shares two children Sara and Ibrahim, reveals he was not allowed to see them.

Saif wasn't Allowed to See Kids after Divorce f

Regularly feel like crying when he looked at it.

Bollywood actor Saif Ali Khan revealed he was not allowed to see his children after his divorce with his first wife Amrita Singh.

Saif and Amrita were married for thirteen years before their divorce in 2004. The former couple also shares two children, daughter Sara Ali Khan and son Ibrahim Ali Khan.

Since his divorce, Saif went on to marry Bollywood actress Kareena Kapoor Khan in 2012. The couple is proud parents to their son Taimur Ali Khan.

Despite the difficult past, the Pataudi family is often applauded for being a ‘modern family’. This is because they share a loving camaraderie and respect for each other.

Speaking to Pinkvilla, Saif shared what he thought of this ‘modern family’ compliment. He said:

“You have to be, you have to make the most of whatever situation and life is beautiful.

“Nobody should really sit around complaining too much because everything’s alright.

“Sometimes, having two parents might not be the best thing for anyone but it might be.

“I mean a nice stable home is a wonderful environment that one would like to give and share with kids.”

However, things have not always been easy for Saif Ali Khan, especially after his divorce with Amrita. Saif was forced to remain away from his children, Sara and Ibrahim.

According to an interview with a news portal, Saif disclosed that he was not permitted to see his children.

This was because he had another woman in his life, his current wife Kareena who may have influenced the children.

Yet, Saif further added that Amrita knew that it was all nonsense.

He continued to mention that he carried a picture of Ibrahim in his wallet and would regularly feel like crying when he looked at it. Saif also stated he missed Sara too.

Saif also went on to explain his agreed divorce settlement. At the time of his divorce, Saif was a budding actor and had stated that he was not SRK who had earned a lot of money.

Despite this, he promised Amrita that he would work hard to earn money and pay the settlement.

Even though he was unable to see his children in the past, Sara and Ibrahim frequently visit their father.

They are also often seen together with Kareena, Saif and younger brother Taimur attending parties and celebrating many joyous occasions.

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