Indian Man not allowed to meet Wife burns In-Laws bike

An Indian man who was kept from seeing his pregnant wife decided to torch his father-in-law’s bike for revenge. DESIblitz reports.

Indian Man not allowed to meet Wife burns In-Laws bike

"The house also got partially damaged."

An Indian man decided to set fire to his father-in-law’s bike, after blaming him for not allowing to see his wife.

Arham Khan, 27, of Borabanda, India, had married his wife Shireen six months ago, but she apparently did not take a liking to him. Shortly after getting married, Shireen actually moved back home to reside with her parents.

Before moving back, Khan and Shireen had consummated their marriage, which allegedly made her pregnant with his child.

Inspector Md Waheeduddin reported on the matter, saying Khan’s wife told him that she did not like him, hence the reason for her returning home.

“But Khan somehow consummated the marriage and, a few days later, Shireen returned to her parents’ at Ganga Nagar in Yousufguda,” says Waheeduddin.

Khan, who works as a manager in a firm in Dubai, recently returned home to India and decided he wanted to meet up with his wife. Upon arrival, he was shun away and was also then informed his wife was expecting a child.

“Shireen refused to spend time with him saying that she was pregnant.

“Khan suspected that his father-in-law was behind Shireen’s reluctance to meet him and decided to take revenge on him,” the inspector reports.

Frustrated Khan then thought to take matters into his own hands. Late one night, Khan decided to turn up at his in-law’s house and set fire to one of the scooter’s that was parked in front of their house.

After the bike was alight, the flames had spread to the surrounding vehicles, which caused two other bikes to be set on fire and damaged.

Not only this, but the severity of the fire had spread and caused damage to his wife’s house.

“Three vehicles were gutted in the arson and, due to the smoke, the facade of Habeebuddin’s [father-in-law’s] house also got partially damaged,”

reported Waheeduddin.

Khan was taken into custody and has been charged for an arson attack under Section 435 of the IPC by police.

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