Indian Couple arrive at Wedding on Horses

An Indian couple tied the knot and in a viral video, they made a grand entry to their wedding, arriving on horses.

Indian Couple arrive at Wedding on Horses f

”When the bride and groom make a grand entry"

In a viral video, an Indian couple made a grand entrance at their wedding, arriving on horses.

The clip showed the bride and groom riding horses as they made their way to the wedding venue.

Traditionally in Indian weddings, it is the groom who rides a horse to the wedding.

But this ceremony looked to break stereotypes by having the bride ride her own horse alongside her husband-to-be.

In the video, the smiling bride and groom are seen sitting on their horses while dressed in their wedding attire.

They hold hands as photographers and guests capture the special moment.

Meanwhile, more guests are seen standing at the back while the horses have been decorated for the occasion.

Music plays as the horses continue to make their way into the venue.

While it is not known where the wedding took place, footage of the grand entrance was shared on social media.

The caption read: ”When the bride and groom make a grand entry together.”

Some viewers loved the extravagant entrance, with many tagging others to check out the video.

Others said they should have done this for their own wedding.

However, there were others who were not impressed.

One person said: ”I’m sorry but it just seems a little too over the top!”

An angry user wrote: “It is called animal cruelty.”

This ignited a heated exchange with one person replying:

“Eating animals is not animal cruelty, f***** devils in human form.”

The user responded: “Go and get a life!”

The other person then said: “You go get a life, f***** world is not Disney land.

“No one got money, food resources to feed those lives or will you feed these animals?

“They do this so their owners give them food. You’re probably some girl who is dependent on someone.”

The person concluded: “Girl such lame excuses.”

Indian weddings frequently have grand features to ensure that the ceremony was a memorable one.

Previously, in Raipur, Chhattisgarh, a couple made a grand entrance by standing on a swing.

The Indian couple stood on a fancy oval swing-like platform and ascending from the stage while surrounded by fireworks and background dancers.

However, the harness for the swing unexpectedly snaps, forcing the couple to suddenly drop from a height of around 12-feet.

Fortunately, the bride and groom only sustained minor injuries.

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