Diljit Dosanjh praises Nesdi Jones for Her Desi Singing

Renowned singer Diljit Dosanjh has showered praise on Welsh singer Nesdi Jones for her amazing Desi singing abilities.

Diljit Dosanjh praises Nesdi Jones for Her Desi Singing f

"Played Bollywood songs, Desi music and I found it so catchy.”

Welsh singer Nesdi Jones has received praise from popular Punjabi singer and actor Diljit Dosanjh for her rendition of Jasmine Sandlas’ hit song, ‘Sip Sip’ (2018).

Known as the ‘Desi Gori’, Nesdi Jones released her first track in 2014 with VIP Records, titled ‘Tere Naal’ featuring Chan Hans.

This was followed by another version of ‘Tere Naal’ where Nesdi partnered up with producer K Singh for an acoustic version of the track.

Previously, Nesdi recorded her debut single, ‘London’ in 2014, which was produced by Yo Yo Honey Singh.

‘London’ saw Nesdi topping the charts and winning the Best Newcomer at the UK Bhangra Awards (2014).

In fact, Nesdi began her singing journey at the young age of five at her local church as a soloist. This got her into Classical soprano.

She then went on to perform in musicals in school, was part of the Welsh band ‘Addurn ar y Mantell’ and open mic nights.

Nesdi’s experience with India began when she was 17 while working at a school and orphanage in the country.

Speaking exclusively to DESIblitz, Nesdi Jones spoke about her time in India. She revealed:

“I was teaching in a school, English, Maths and Sports for an NGO called Samarpan. I lived with a few Rajput people and they always played Bollywood songs, Desi music and I found it so catchy.”

Yet, it was when Nesdi began uploading Bollywood song covers on her YouTube channel which garnered attention.

It also appears that Diljit Dosanjh is not the only influential star in the Indian music industry who has praised Nesdi.

In fact, after reaching over one million views of YouTube, producer Mahesh Bhatt praised the ‘Desi Gori’ for her musical abilities.

Not only that. Renowned singer Jaz Dhami also admired her Punjabi singing voice.

Recently, Nesdi Jones shared a video of herself on Twitter singing the popular song, ‘Sip Sip’. She captioned it:

“Bore da I posted a video a few days ago on my channel here’s a peak!”

After having seen the video, Diljit Dosanjh took to Twitter compliment the singer. He wrote:

“Kya Baat Hai Jones Saab.”

Fans of Diljit Dosanjh also seemed to agree with the singer. Anup Aryan chimed in saying, “Vaah Vaah kya baat bhaiji.”

Undoubtedly, Nesdi Jones’ YouTube channel is followed by many Bollywood fans who enjoy her many Bollywood covers.

Watch Sip Sip by Nesdi Jones


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