Shahid Afridi to sue Miandad over Match Fixing Comments?

Pakistan cricket legends Shahid Afridi and Javed Miandad have had a tense exchange of words. Tempers flared when Miandad accused Afridi of match fixing.

Shahid Afridi to sue Miandad over Match Fixing Comments?

"I tell Afridi to swear upon his children and say he has not thrown away Pakistan's matches."

Pakistan cricket has yet again been embroiled in fresh controversy. Boom Boom Shahid Afridi is deciding whether to take legal action against former Pakistan legendary batsman Javed Miandad.

This is after Miandad accused Afridi of match fixing. This is like the final straw in an exchange of words between the two heavyweights.

Miandad first accused Afridi who had been dropped from the T20 side of being money minded. He said Afridi was pressurising the Pakistan Cricket Board for a farewell match purely for monetary purposes.

Afridi responded angrily to those comments saying it was actually Miandad who always had money issues and that was the difference between him and Imran Khan. Afridi specifically said:

“Money has always been an issue for Javed Miandad. It doesn’t suit a legendary cricketer like him to pass such irresponsible comment.”

This then prompted Miandad to accuse Afridi of match fixing and selling the national team, with the help of other players.

In a telephone conversation with a leading private Pakistani channel, Miandad pointed the finger at Afridi saying:

“I tell Afridi to swear upon his children and say he has not thrown away Pakistan’s matches. I am a witness, I caught him myself. If there was money, I would not have left the team. I caught match-fixers in the whole team. Right? These people are fixers. And then they talk about money.

“Afridi is no longer in demand, which is why he his making such remarks. As far as the difference between me and Imran Khan is concerned, fans know more about it and they are the better judge.”

On Twitter, Afridi acknowledged that he should not have harshly reacted to Miandad’s initial comments. But Afridi made it clear that Miandad went too far with his accusation of match-fixing.

The question here is firstly why has it taken an ugly spat before Miandad accuses Afridi of match fixing. Secondly what is stopping Miandad to give match fixing evidence to relevant authorities as suggested in his telephone conversation?

It remains to be seen whether the situation will diffuse in the coming days or if Shahid Afridi will actually send a legal notice to Javed Miandad on the serious accusation he has made.

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Image courtesy of PTI

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