Why Shahid Afridi chose Shaheen Afridi as his Son-in-Law

Shaheen Shah Afridi is married to Shahid Afridi’s daughter. The latter has now opened up on why he chose the fast bowler to be his son-in-law.

Why Shahid Afridi chose Shaheen Afridi as his Son-in-Law f

"A human should be a human, that is the most important thing."

Shahid Afridi revealed why he arranged for Shaheen Shah Afridi to marry his daughter Ansha.

The Pakistan fast bowler married Ansha in a private nikkah ceremony in February 2023.

The pair held a reception at the DHA Golf and Country Club in Karachi in September 2023. Notable sports personalities and athletes were present at the wedding.

Shahid had previously confirmed Shaheen’s marriage to his daughter.

Stating that Shaheen had no relationship with his daughter prior to the engagement, Shahid said at the time:

“We Afridis have eight tribes, Shaheen and we belong to different tribes.”

Shahid Afridi has now revealed why he felt Shaheen would make a good husband for his daughter.

He said he got to know good things about Shaheen from his teammates. Shahid said the most important thing was that Shaheen is a good person.

The former Pakistan cricket captain explained:

“Shaheen’s family was in touch with my family on this topic for a long time.

“A human should be a human, that is the most important thing. Shaheen is a great human.

“I didn’t know him personally, the elders of our family used to know one another, but we lost contact [with each other].

“Whoever was playing domestic cricket with Shaheen praised his attitude and lauded him as a human being saying that he was very mature.

“So all those things were important for me that a human is a human.”

He also highlighted that Shaheen’s values were an important factor in his decision.

When it comes to cricket, Shahid Afridi praised Shaheen’s leadership abilities.

He pointed out that Shaheen had led the Lahore Qalandars to the Pakistan Super League (PSL) final twice, showcasing his captaincy potential.

But he does not want him to captain the national team.

Shahid explained that being captain has its own set of challenges and complexities.

Speaking about his own life, Shahid Afridi revealed that he received film offers from both Bollywood and the Pakistani entertainment industry.

But he suggested that his expertise lies elsewhere and not in acting.

Regarding social media use by cricketers, Shahid emphasised that while social media has its place, the main focus for young cricketers should be their on-field performance.

He advised them to prioritise their cricketing skills and allow their performances to speak for themselves.

Shahid expressed his admiration for Babar Azam and hoped to see him shine in major tournaments.

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