Salman reveals Why He is Still Single & Not Married

Salman Khan is joined on Bigg Boss 13 by his friends and actors Kajol and Ajay Devgn. In a fun-filled promo, he reveals why is still single and unmarried.

Salman reveals Why He is Still Single & Not Married f

Salman replied saying “that’s why I’m still single.”

Bollywood actor Salman Khan discloses the reason behind why he is still single and not married on the reality show Bigg Boss 13.

The 54-year-old actor is currently hosting the reality show and is going to be joined by his friends and fellow actors Kajol and Ajay Devgn.

Salman Khan has captivated audiences with his endearing onscreen love interests to garnering attention with his off-screen relationships.

The show which is aired on Colors TV shared a fun-filled promo of an upcoming episode on Instagram.

The post was captioned: “@ajaydevgn aur @kajol lagaane aa rahe hai #Tanhaji ka tadka on #WeekendKaVaar.”

Ajay Devgn was up first to take the lie detector test conducted by his wife Kajol.

He teasingly commented that “there is no bigger lie detector than a wife” to which Salman replied saying “that’s why I’m still single.”

Kajol asks her husband what he thinks her most annoying habit is. Ajay jokingly replied by imitating that she is a chatterbox with his hand.

The promo continues to Salman sitting in the chair and Kajol asking him whether he has had five girlfriends.

A cheeky Salman Khan responds saying he has only ever had five girlfriends throughout his life. Ajay then asks him about the time he also said he was a virgin on TV.

To which Salman replies saying “yes I am … until I get married.”

But his lie is caught out by Kajol’s lie detector who says, “that is a big lie.”

The trio then goes on to play the headphone challenge. During the challenge, Kajol reads out a phrase while Salman has headphones on unable to hear anything.

However, he is unable to make out what Kajol has said and thinks she said: “when are you going to get married?”

Kajol bursts out into a fit of laughter and says, “tell us that as well” but Salman cleverly replies saying “there is still time for that.”

Then it is Kajol’s turn to put on the headphones and Salman Khan says the phrase “choodiyaan pehnana”.

Kajol mistakingly thinks he has said a slang term. This fun game continues with Ajay in headphones while Salman says a phrase for him to guess and so on.

There is no doubt the trio thoroughly enjoyed their camaraderie and it is also a treat for viewers to witness their friendship and masti.

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