Rishi Kapoor said Irrfan ‘Can’t Act’ after Improvising Scene in D-Day

After hearing about Irrfan Khan’s great acting skills, Rishi Kapoor was left unimpressed after he improvised a scene in D-Day.

Rishi Kapoor said Irrfan ‘Cannot Act’ after Improvising Scene in D-Day f

"Usko samjhao, usko acting nahi aati hai"

The late Rishi Kapoor once revealed that he does not think Irrfan Khan is a good actor and should be made aware of this.

Bollywood recently lost two of its finest actors, Irrfan Khan and Rishi Kapoor, who died just a day apart. The late actors have only worked in one film together, the 2013 action-thriller D-Day.

Talking to film critic Rajeev Masand, the film’s director Nikkhil Advani revealed what it was like working with the two actors. He said:

“When they came together, Rishi Kapoor had heard that Irrfan Khan is this great actor.

“So, he wanted to see it and fortunately for me, they were doing this one scene where Irrfan decided to improvise.

“And Irrfan never ever gives the same cue again. So, Rishi Kapoor called me and said, ‘Usko samjhao, usko acting nahi aati hai’. [Make him understand, that he can’t act].

“’He has to hit his cue otherwise I will not know what to do and what to say.’

“So, I explained to him and said, ‘Sir, you don’t have to worry. You start speaking whenever you want to speak, don’t worry about him.’

“They were just very different but they were very special. The film has become even more special for me now.”

In D-Day (2013), Irrfan played the role of an undercover RAW agent while Rishi portrayed the role of India’s most-wanted terrorist.

In a scene where Rishi and Irrfan are seen riding in the car is being extensively shared online since their untimely demise.

Earlier, Irrfan talked about his experience of working with Rishi Kapoor. He said:

“My cousin is his ultimate fan, though I have watched all his movies, I never thought I had it in me to be a Rishi Kapoor fan.

“He is hot liquid. He has worked on cultivating his craft so well and he is one of those stars you never have enough of, even if he is doing the same thing, movie after movie.

“I think that’s what makes his second innings so spectacular.”

“He doesn’t have to be a star anymore, so he is having a blast being an actor.”

Previously, in an interaction with Mumbai Mirror, Advani disclosed how Irrfan had to bride Rishi with chicken and alcohol so he would complete a shoot. He said:

“We were shooting in the desert and while Irrfan and a lot of the team bunked out in tents, Chintuji (Rishi Kapoor) would drive two hours back to the hotel.

“He was averse to early morning shoots but there was this sunrise shot we had to shoot with him and he was refusing to comply saying, ‘I’m an actor, not a doodhwala.’”

Advani further added:

“It was a near-impossible feat in Kutch but he delivered his promise and I got my shot.”

Unfortunately, Irrfan Khan passed away on Wednesday, 29 April 2020 at the age of 53 after fighting neuroendocrine tumour for two years.

A day later on Thursday, 30 April 2020, Rishi Kapoor passed away after battling leukaemia for over a year.

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