Man Like Mobeen gets New Series on BBC Three

Man Like Mobeen, which stars Guz Khan, will become a brand new series for BBC Three. It enjoyed success as a pilot on the channel’s Comedy Feeds in 2016.

Man Like Mobeen gets New Series on BBC Three

Man Like Mobeen will at the very least give a 'real' depiction of life in the ends.

Man Like Mobeen landed great success when it appeared on BBC Three’s Comedy Feeds in 2016. Now, it will become a new series for the channel, starring actor and comedian Guz Khan.

The controller of BBC Three Damian Kavanagh made the announcement on 24th August 2017, during Edinburgh TV Festival.

Commissioned by Cave Bear Production, the series will have four episodes, each lasting for 22 minutes. However, no details have emerged of when it will become available to watch.

Man Like Mobeen will see its writer Guz Khan take on the lead role of Mobeen. A 28-year-old from Small Heath in Birmingham, Mobeen appears as a comical character in that he has outstanding social skills, knows no terrorists and maybe spent a little time in dealing drugs.

However, he does face one challenge in his hectic life – providing for his little sister, Aqsa. While their parents have disappeared, seemingly off the face of the earth, Guz Khan’s character tries to act as mother, father and brother for the family.

Add in his friends Nathaniel and Arslan, who offer more emotional breakdowns rather than support. It seems Man Like Mobeen will show how our main character will try to juggle with his busy life.

The show marks as the latest hit to spring from BBC Three’s Comedy Feeds. It follows in the footsteps of People Just Do Nothing, Josh and A Brief History of Tim.

Guz Khan, who first found success through his Youtube channel, revealed more about his character in Man Like Mobeen. He said:

“Mobeen as a character epitomises the funny yet complex realities of life for young working class men and women in Britain today. Inner city Birmingham, in which the show is set, gets almost no positive representation in the media.

Man Like Mobeen will at the very least give a ‘real’ depiction of life in the ends.

“I’m so honoured to be able to bring this character to you and I hope the people of Brum will be proud of what we produce, and have a real character that they can finally relate to.”

The comedian has previously appeared in Roadman Ramadan, where his character Mobeen first came to life. The short film, as part of BBC iPlayer’s season of showcasing young British-Asian talent, featured on the website’s top 10 most watched shows.

With Man Like Mobeen already landing success in its pilot, the new series will surely become a big hit.

Keep your eyes peeled for more updates on the BBC Three show!

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Image courtesy of BBC.

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