Lawyer gets Justice for his Father’s Murder after 29 Years

A Bangladeshi man became a lawyer to seek justice for his father after he was killed right in front of him in 1993.

Lawyer gets Justice for his Father's Murder after 29 Years

"I was six years old when my father was killed"

Mustafizur Rahman Bahadur became a lawyer after seeing his father get killed right before his eyes when he was only six years old.

This horrific incident took place on September 15, 1993. Now, after all these years, Mustafizur ensured justice for his father’s murder by becoming the main prosecutor in the case.

On October 31, 2022, a Gazipur court handed rigorous punishment to the seven men involved in the killing of Sultan Uddin (aged 55 at the time).

Two of the main perpetrators were Sultan’s own sibling, Main Uddin Bepary (65), who shot and stabbed him to death whilst Sultan’s stepbrother, Abul Kashem Bepary watched on.

Judge Bahauddin Kazi delivered the verdict for the five others involved who were Abdul Mannan, Siraj Uddin, Azizul Haq, Dulal Uddin, and Mayeen Uddin.

They were all sentenced to life in prison along with a fine of 10,000 Bangladeshi Taka each.

There was another person accused – Gias Uddin – however, he was discharged as there was a lack of evidence against him.

The reasons for the incident boil down to a family feud over land in the Beraider Chala village under Sreepur Upazila of Gazipur.

On the night of the murder, Sultan was in his living room discussing family matters with his brothers.

Then the convicts suddenly entered the house and held everyone hostage with firearms and weapons.

They stabbed and shot Sultan and upon hearing his screams, two of his sons Mubarak Hossain and Abul Azad came running to protect their father.

However, the attackers smacked them and soon fled the scene when neighbours started to gather outside.

This traumatic event took a toll on the entire family but Mustafizur did not give up and decades later grew up to be a lawyer to fight his own father’s case.

Even though the trial started in 1997, it took Mustafizur 25 years to get justice. Speaking on that night, the lawyer said:

“Even 15 days before the gruesome murder, some of them publicly threatened to kill my father.”

After the hearing, Mustafizur reported to a local newspaper, saying:

“I was six years old when my father was killed and I grew up to be a lawyer to ensure justice for my father’s murder.

“Even after 29 years, as a child, I have been able to ensure the trial of my father’s murder, it is a big achievement for me.”

Unfortunately, these incidents are not as uncommon as one may think and justice is only sometimes served decades after a tragedy.

Tanim is studying MA in Communication, Culture, and Digital Media. Her favorite quote is " Figure out what you want and learn how to ask for it."

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