Pakistani TikTok star Ghani Tiger demands Justice for Father’s Murder

Famous TikTok personality Ghani Tiger has expressed his shock and anger over his father’s brutal murder as he demands justice.

Pakistani TikTok Star Ghani Tiger’s Star Ruthlessly Killed f

"Abbu mere qabar me hen."

One of Pakistan’s most renowned TikTok stars, Ghani Tiger has recently lost his father, Dawood Butt, who was brutally murdered.

On Monday 4 May 2020, Tiger posted a video in which he was profusely crying as he spoke about the unlawful murder of his father. The video has gone viral on social media.

The incident occurred in the town Pasrur near Sialkot where the TikTok star resides. In the video, Tiger explained how he wants justice after his father was murdered.

According to Tiger, his younger brother was also shot with a “pistol”, however, it hit him in the leg and as a result, he is in hospital.

He revealed how 50 to 60 people forced their way into his house holding rods and pistols. The purpose of the video was to ensure justice for his father.

Tiger continued to mention how he is all alone and does not know what to do.

He went on to ask Prime Minister Imran Khan for justice and further expressed that he will not remain silent until his voice is heard.

However, upon the video going viral online, the police claimed to have taken prompt action and arrested three of the culprits.

Since the video, the hashtag “#justicefordawood” has been trending on Twitter. Many other people have also been asking for justice and showing their support.

Pakistani actress Zara Noor Abbas has also stepped forward to support Ghani Tiger. She tweeted:

“It pierces my heart to see that even in times like this and the day and age like this, a son has to beg for justice for his father’s death online.

“How many more murders to happen before we can get goons behind bars?”

Mir Haris Khetran on Twitter also spoke out in support of Ghani Tiger. He shared a picture of Tiger with his father, with the caption:

“Such a heart-wrenching news. The murderers of Dawood Butt’s father must be hanged as soon as possible.”

Another user on Twitter, Arman said:

“Mera bhai hospital mein hai. Abbu mere qabar me hen. Ammi meri sadme me hen. Aur aik me akela hun, me akela kya karunga?

“This is so heartbreaking. Govt should take immediate action to give him justice.”

Hafsa also condemned the murder of Dawood Butt saying:

“Pakistani tiktoker and rapper ghani tiger’s father dawood butt killed brutally by Talha butt, ghulam nabi and whole ATI tanzeem.

“RT this and use #JusticeForDawoodButt plsss, We will help him to get justice. May his soul rest in peace.”

Watch the Video of Ghani Tiger


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