5 Best South Asian Podcasts to Help with Money

Whether it’s saving, investments or business, these top South Asian podcasts are a must-listen for all those with an interest in money.

5 Best South Asian Podcasts to Help with Money

"Money media has just not been inclusive enough"

There are a heap of South Asian podcasts out there that range from thought-provoking topics to cultural commentaries.

However, one of the most intriguing and helpful genres of podcasting is to do with money.

From tips on how to save money to ways you can start a business, there are a lot of podcasts to fit the needs of a wide range of listeners.

These types of conversations have seen a rise in significance due to the cost of living crisis and rising energy bills.

More people are actively searching for techniques on how they can better manage their money. And, they want this knowledge in a quick fashion.

Podcasts are great for delivering this type of knowledge because of how accessible it is to the public. You can learn new financial tricks whether you’re at the gym, on a commute, or relaxing at home.

Even those who don’t specifically have any financial interests can learn new and vital information from these discussions.

So, here are the best money-related South Asian podcasts to help and entertain.

The Minority Mindset

5 Best South Asian Podcasts to Help with Money

Jaspreet Singh, a second-generation American Indian is the founder of The Minority Mindset.

The Minority Mindset stems from Jaspreet’s own financial mistakes when he was scammed out of thousands of dollars from a marketing company.

Therefore, he started a company where he could provide educational tips to others so they don’t make the same mistakes he did.

Over time, he gained over 1.4 million YouTube subscribers where he talks in-depth about investment, debt, and even retirement.

Whilst The Minority Mindset is not a typical podcast in that it has episodes you can listen to on streaming platforms, one can still learn a lot.

The YouTube channel does have a podcast playlist. Additionally, the detailed videos Jaspreet uploads take a more visual approach where you can sit and watch him answer the most burning financial queries.

His engaging Instagram page is also useful for those who prefer short-form content and instant ideas and/or hacks with money.

Check out more of The Minority Mindset here.

Girls That Invest

5 Best South Asian Podcasts to Help with Money

New Zealand duo Simran Kaur and Sonya Gupthan started Girls That Invest to encourage more women to take charge of their finances.

However, the pair never expected to become one of the most successful South Asian podcasts on the market.

Girls That Invest quickly grew to become the number-one financial podcast on Apple charts globally.

With over 100 episodes, Girls That Invest have a broad range of topics that they discuss. From financial independence to money mistakes to starting a side hustle, they talk about it all.

The reason they cater to certain topics specific to women is because of the lack of inclusivity they see in financial education. Speaking to Vogue in 2022, they said:

“Money media has just not been inclusive enough of women, let alone people of colour.”

“If you ever watch mainstream news dealing with the stock market, the photos they use are always of a white man in a suit.”

They also added that discussing money openly is almost taboo in South Asian culture and is almost deemed as “showing off”.

So, to have a platform where they can openly empower women to be financially independent is inspiring and explains why their show is so popular.

Listen to Girls That Invest here.

South Asian Trailblazers

5 Best South Asian Podcasts to Help with Money

American-based podcast, South Asian Trailblazers, is a platform and community that goes into the journeys of leaders in the community.

Founder and CEO, Simi Shah, hosts this innovative show which has spoken to some of the most influential figures of South Asian heritage.

Featured and speaking to Forbes in 2021, Shah expressed the inspiration behind South Asian Trailblazers:

“I became increasingly aware of the fact that South Asians were consistently leading and achieving across industries, but their stories were rarely captured with respect to their identities.

“So I drew upon my skills as a community builder and content creator to change that.”

Included in their catalogue of guests are actor Kal Penn, HubSpot CEO Yamini Rangan, and founder of holiCHIC Megha Rao.

Whilst South Asian Trailblazers is not directly a money podcast, it does speak to some business-savvy individuals, some of which are at the very top of their profession.

Therefore, by hearing their stories, listeners are able to apply the same skills, tenacity, and work ethic to their lives.

Some of the visitors also reveal vital information about how to succeed in certain industries, whether it’s tech, fashion, or finance.

With over 45 episodes, this is one of the most successful and fastest-growing South Asian podcasts.

Check out more of the podcast episodes here.

The Brown Boss Podcast

5 Best South Asian Podcasts to Help with Money

The Brown Boss Podcast was created by British Asian Women’s Magazine to look at the success of South Asian figures in the community.

Similar to South Asian Trailblazers, the Brown Boss Podcast hosts a wide variety of guests.

These include entrepreneurs who’ve launched multiple businesses to teenagers who have started their own charities.

In their monthly chats, the laid-back and inspirational conversations allow vital insights into the minds of pioneering people.

Whilst all the discussions are poignant and go through some very deep-rooted issues, there are others that have a focus on business.

More specifically, the ways to navigate through different sectors being a South Asian person.

This is incredibly important as it improves people’s knowledge of what steps to take in order to have a successful business, for example.

Especially in the modern climate, more South Asian people want to make their hobbies or interests a full-time career. However, they’re not sure where to start or what to do.

This podcast details exactly that, as well as gives some useful advice on how to sustain that progress.

Give The Brown Boss podcast a listen here.

Deep, Down and Desi: All About The Money

5 Best South Asian Podcasts to Help with Money

Under the BBC Asian Network comes Deep, Down and Desi’s show, All About The Money.

Hosted by money splurger Faarea Masud and saving enthusiast, Rahat Siddique, the duo explores many prevalent topics within UK society.

Most notably, they give their thoughts on the housing crisis, teenage millionaires and try to piece together the modern financial landscape.

They bring uncomfortable situations in regard to money to the forefront, in order to spark questions and thoughts from their own listeners.

As Apple Podcasts suggest the pair have:

“Made it their mission to better understand the world of saving, spending and all the confusing stuff in the middle.”

“From the rise of challenger banks to climbing the housing ladder, this podcast doesn’t promise to have all the answers but it does guarantee to ask all the right questions.”

All About The Money want to get rid of the stigma attached to money talk and discuss the correct ways people can spend, save and invest.

Likewise, they also tap into different industries prevalent in South Asian communities such as the skin-lightening industry.

This is to bring more awareness to how profits are being made in the modern world and why it’s important to know about it.

Perhaps their most important episode thus far has been “Financial Shaming”.

Here, Faarea looks back at her own personal experiences of being homeless and the methods she took to understand her economical situation for a better future.

Explore more of All About The Money here.

These South Asian podcasts are addressing all the poignant topics to do with money and finance.

What’s great about these shows is that they’re all unique in their own right. Whilst some talk about investments and savings, others talk to industry experts and entrepreneurs.

So, they cater to people within different circumstances but the information all these podcasts provide is significant.

Take a listen and see what you can learn!

Balraj is a spirited Creative Writing MA graduate. He loves open discussions and his passions are fitness, music, fashion, and poetry. One of his favourite quotes is “One day or day one. You decide.”

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