India’s Next Top Model gets special Makeover

It’s makeover week on the fifth episode of India’s Next Top Model, where the girls transform into high end fashionistas! DESIblitz recaps the highlights.

India’s Next Top Model gets special Makeover

“Every single week you get better and better…You look like a princess.”

It’s here! Makeover week has finally arrived on the fifth episode of India’s Next Top Model, and it’s well worth the wait.

This week, we see tears, transformations, and true colours from the contestants, but who is ultimately eliminated?

The girls receive their weekly dose of Lisa Mail, instructing them to make their way to judges, Neeraj Gaba and Anusha Dandekar.

Instantly, they address yet another falling out amongst the girls and ask exactly what is going on.

Much to Malvika’s annoyance, Monica speaks up: “I do think there’s a certain ‘cliqueyness’ going on.”

Anusha doesn’t stand for this. After firmly putting the girls in their place, she swiftly introduces their Top Model makeovers.

But of course, nothing ever runs without a slight twist in the show, as the makeover will be done without any mirrors present!

India’s Next Top Model gets special Makeover

First to crack under the pressure is Malvika, who breaks down as the stylists cut her hair a shorter length.

Malvika soon has a change of heart when she sees the final result, as her voluminous, bouncy waves look elegantly chic, and extremely high end.

Rushali is also brought to tears with her fringe cut. But like Malvika, she eventually warms to her new look.

India’s Next Top Model gets special Makeover

One contestant used to tearing up is Gloria. But as red dye is lathered to her hair, she shocks us all as she laughingly comments:

“The devil, the naughty side of me has come out.”

Aditi sobs about her Pulp Fiction-inspired hair, but ultimately revels in her unique cut.

Whilst the girls are on a high, Aditi and Anam sneak away to suss out their competition – let the catfights commence!

India’s Next Top Model gets special Makeover

Focusing mainly upon Gloria, Danielle, and Monica, the two girls make it known that they feel ‘no competition’ from the other contestants.

If only the judges felt that way…

For the next challenge, the girls must model their new hairstyles in a restricted set, where only their necks and heads are seen.

Aditi and Rushali pose in a dollhouse set. Anam, Danielle and Monica are assigned a desert landscape, whilst Gloria and Malvika are given a gothic forest backdrop.

Most girls are satisfied with their performance, but the judges disagree in the elimination room.

Malvika, Danielle, Rushali, and Aditi are praised by Dabboo, Lisa, and guest judge Atul Kasbekar. Yet, Anam and Monica fail to impress.

India’s Next Top Model gets special Makeover

Rushali is awarded with this week’s Ionic shot, but Danielle is hot on her heels as Lisa states:

“Every single week you get better and better…You look like a princess, you look like a queen.”

Anam and Monica then face the bottom two, but in a shock last-minute twist, no one is eliminated!

Impressed by their transformations, the judges decide that no one deserves to go home.

Next week promises to push the girls to their limits even more, with top fashion experts dropping in to spice things up.

Catch the sixth episode of India’s Next Top Model on August 23, 2015 at 7pm on MTV India.

Danielle is an English & American Literature graduate and fashion enthusiast. If she isn't finding out what's in vogue, it's classic Shakespeare texts. She lives by the motto- "Work hard, so you can shop harder!"

India's Next Top Model gets special Makeover

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