India’s Next Top Model 2 gets Exotic and Hot

The beautiful girls are challenged to two sexy photoshoots in the fifth episode of India’s Next Top Model Season 2. Who rises above and who is sent home?

India's Next Top Model 2 gets Exotic and Hot

"I feel as though it’s too much about you being a diva."

India’s Next Top Model Season 2 has just got edgier and hotter!

The nine hopefuls embrace their inner sexy goddesses and pull out all the stops at two sizzling photoshoots.

First is the ‘chemistry’ task. The girls have to pose with a topless male model and create genuine chemistry with him in the photos.

As if the chiselled model is not distracting enough, they have to do the shoot on the top of a horse!

Some girls struggle to hold their balance, while others decide to get more adventurous.

Sweet Akanksha is the first to abandon the ‘safe’ poses, like lying or sitting on the horse.

Kneeling instead, she has found many more interesting ways to interact with the male model and ‘wow’ the photographer.

India's Next Top Model 2 gets Exotic and HotSubhamita, the boldest girl of the group, takes the competition to another level by standing on the horse while striking many edgy poses!

Whoever follows her has a difficult task at hand. No wonder Poulomi, who is not friends with Subhamita, seems slightly worried.

But not as bad as Neelam, who is almost overwhelmed by her fear of falling off the horse.

She finds it hard to relax and be the fierce model that we have come to admire in the past few weeks!

Nevertheless, the shoot is complete, and Neeraj Gaba and Dabboo Ratnani are pleased with the girls’ efforts.

As they return to the house and receive their second Lisa Mail, the contestants head to the makeup salon to doll up for a lingerie photoshoot.

Posing with miniature furniture, Anusha Dandekar encourages the girls to be playful and sexy in their own choice of lingerie by amanté.

India's Next Top Model 2 gets Exotic and HotFeeling its premium material against their skin, the sultry models seduce with their new found confidence.

Even the tough-spirited Subhamita loosens up and showcases a softer avatar!

The only girl who lets Anusha down is last week’s wild card entry, Ritija. She looks uncomfortable in front of the camera and throws out very bland poses.

At judges’ deliberation, it has become obvious who is the strongest and weakest link this week.

Priya, who is in Bottom Two in two consecutive weeks, amazes everyone with a strong comeback in her horse photoshoot.

With a big smile on her face, Lisa says: “This is by far the best you’ve done on the show. I feel like the golden chance I gave you [last week] was worth it.”

India's Next Top Model 2 gets Exotic and HotDusky beauty Jantee has also done well to impress the panel, including guest judge and model-actor Upen Patel who comments: “Stunning! I love the picture.”

When Subhamita steps forward, everyone in the room expects Lisa to give her a big thumbs up for her brave photoshoot with the horse.

Yet, to our surprise, the head judge points out: “I feel as though it’s too much about you being a diva.

“It’s not enough about you working the chemistry with your fellow male model. This picture is not working for me.”

It must hurt Subhamita so bad to know that Poulomi has won over the judges’ hearts, in particular Upen, who says:

“This is my favourite picture. You’re looking stunning. The way you’re holding him. It’s fire!”

India's Next Top Model 2 gets Exotic and HotAll of them, along with Akanksha, Rajashree and Neelam, are safe and will continue on in the competition.

So, this leaves Pranati and Ritija to face off each other at Bottom Two.

Although Pranati fails to create sparks with the male model and makes the judges nervous with her suggestive poses, it is clear Ritija does not have what it takes to remain in the competition.

An unimpressed Lisa tells her: “You’re our wild card entry and you’re not looking wild at all.”

And on that note, Ritija’s Top Model journey has come to an end.

Catch the sixth episode of India’s Next Top Model Season 2 on August 14, 2016 at 7pm on MTV India.

Who will be eliminated in the Sixth Episode of India's Next Top Model 2?

  • Priya (32%)
  • Pranati (16%)
  • Neelam (13%)
  • Subhamita (13%)
  • Akanksha (10%)
  • Poulomi (10%)
  • Jantee (6%)
  • Rajashree (0%)
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