India’s Next Top Model gets Steamy Photoshoot

The seventh episode of India’s Next Top Model sees the most dramatic showdown yet, as well as a shock elimination twist! DESIblitz has all the details.

India’s Next Top Model gets Steamy Photoshoot

“This picture is sheer perfection for me. It is the most adventurous pose.”

The seventh episode of India’s Next Top Model is one of the most explosive yet!

Fallouts, arguments, and of course, that dreaded elimination.

This week, the girls learn how to create chemistry to make a sexy photoshoot, and things definitely get steamy.

Of course, it wouldn’t be as exciting without the contestants starting the day with some good old gossips.

Malvika and Rushali have harsh words for Gloria – who is getting ‘overconfident’ – and Danielle – who is ‘becoming like Gloria’.

Judge and mentor, Anusha Dandekar, stirs things up when she reveals the first task, saying:

“You have one hot steamy, sexy male model… He’s the model, you’re the prop.”

Packed out in white wigs and body paint, the contestants are ready for their close-ups.India’s Next Top Model gets Steamy Photoshoot

Que the gorgeous, half-naked Matthew to grace the set.

Aditi is first to get hot and heavy with him and things soon get frisky between the pair.

When Monica begins her shoot, she firmly instructs Matthew: “Feel free to touch me, be comfortable.”

Modelling the frozen frame proves difficult for Rushali and Malvika, who struggle to maintain any chemistry.

Gloria and Danielle impress the judges and come out on top for the challenge.

The girls move onto their next task to pose as mannequins in a Vera Moda store window.India’s Next Top Model gets Steamy Photoshoot

Seems pretty easy, right? Not if you have a Cyrus Broacha distracting you throughout.

The pressure is definitely on, with Rushali screaming: ‘Mr Cryus, please!’

Heading to the elimination room, supermodel Milind Soman joins Dabboo Ratnani and Lisa Haydon on the judging panel.

Lisa gives positive feedback for Gloria, and even better one for Danielle.

The head judge says: “This picture is sheer perfection for me. I love the chemistry between the two of you, and this is the most adventurous pose.”

Malvika, Rushali and Monica disappoint, leaving Monica certain that she will face the bottom two.

And she is right. Danielle wins the ionic shot and is safe for next week, along with Gloria, Rushali and Aditi.

India’s Next Top Model gets Steamy PhotoshootMalvika joins Monica in the bottom two. But in a shock twist, Lisa asks the remaining girls to determine who should be sent home!

Danielle, Aditi and Gloria believe Malvika should go, whilst Rushali wishes for Monica to be eliminated.

Malvika draws the short straw and packs her bags, but she kicks up a storm when exiting the house!

In an attempt to give some home truths to Danielle, Malvika pleads: “Please stick to your roots!”

But the real shock is her comments to Monica, stating:

“You’re hiding yourself from being who you truly are.”

Not one to back down from confrontation, Monica angrily spouts back: “These messages towards me are not needed!”

As she finally leaves, the girls instantly feel more relaxed, but what about Rushali?

How will she cope now that Malvika has been eliminated? And how will Danielle and Monica behave after the showdown with their ex-housemate?

Find out in the eighth episode of India’s Next Top Model airing on September 6, 2015 at 7pm on MTV India.

Danielle is an English & American Literature graduate and fashion enthusiast. If she isn't finding out what's in vogue, it's classic Shakespeare texts. She lives by the motto- "Work hard, so you can shop harder!"

Images courtesy of India's Next Top Model Official Facebook

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