Chanchal Chowdhury to Return to Theatre

Bangladeshi actor Chanchal Chowdhury is set to return to theatre for the first time in six years, with an exclusive staging of ‘Rarang’.

Chanchal Chowdhury to Return to Theatre f

"it will be my first time on stage in a long time"

Chanchal Chowdhury will make a return to the theatre for the first time in six years.

He will perform an exclusive staging of Aranyak Natyadal’s popular play Rarang at Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy (BSA) on November 17, 2022.

The National Award-winning actor will take part in the 199th and 200th shows of Rarang at BSA’s Experimental Theatre Hall on November 17 and November 18, which will mark his first stage performance after 2016 when he last performed in Aranyak’s Che’r Cycle.

Speaking about his comeback, Chanchal said:

“Not appearing on stage on a regular basis does not imply that I am not involved with theatre activities.

“I started my career as a part of Aranyak, and I’ve always considered the stage as my home where I belong.

“As it will be my first time on stage in a long time, it brings me immense joy.”

Chanchal began acting on stage before transitioning to television and films.

He continued: “I have performed in more than 150 shows of Rarang in my career, but it’s true that nowadays I cannot regularly take part in shows due to other commitments.

“It takes months to prepare for a new production, and theatre is such a place which deserves adequate time and attention.

“Although I cannot take part in theatre now on a regular basis, I try to attend whenever I can.”

Chanchal Chowdhury that February 29 is a special day for him, as it marks the birthday of his mentor Mamunur Rashid.

He said: “His birthday comes once every four years.

“The last time I worked on this production was four years ago, on his birthday. This time, the show will be more memorable for me because it’s the 200th show of Rarang.”

Speaking about Rarang, Chanchal said:

“Personally, Rarang is one of my favourite plays and is quite loved by the audience.”

“That is exactly why there have been so many shows of this particular production. So, I will be returning for the landmark shows of Rarang, this time around.

“I played the character of a police officer in this production. Those who have watched the play before, are aware that I share the stage with AKM Hasan.

“I hope the audience will enjoy our chemistry, as they have in the past.”

Rarang, written and directed by Mamunur Rashid, depicts the rebellion of the Santal community – an indigenous minority group living in the country’s northern region – against the British regime’s oppression.

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