‘Asian K’ Drug Dealers caught with £300k Cocaine

Two drug dealers from Bedford have been jailed after £300k worth of cocaine and heroin was seized. They ran the ‘Asian K’ drug line.

‘Asian K’ Deal Line caught with £300k Cocaine - f

“The dismantling of this deal line is a key step"

Two drug dealers who ran a phone line that supplied Class A drugs in Bedford have been jailed.

The pair were jailed after £300,000 worth of heroin and cocaine was seized from addresses linked to them.

Led by Imran Khan Ali and Mohammed Salim Malik, the ‘Asian K’ deal line supplied vast quantities of heroin and crack and powder cocaine around the town.

It is thought that the drug dealers earned more than £80,000 a year.

A Bedfordshire Police investigation established that the pair worked together to run their drug-dealing operation.

Although Ali led the organisation, the day-to-day activities were undertaken by Malik, whose role was to collect the drugs from Ali and distribute them to street dealers.

The network was fumbled following an investigation that began with officers identifying the significance of the drug line.

Digital enquiries found that the phone contacted the numbers of Ali and Malik, which were linked to reports detectives had gathered across other drug-related investigations over four years.

The number thought to be the deal line had featured in ‘mail shot’ messages, often linked to a dealer named ‘Rocky’.

The pair were arrested together in Malik’s vehicle in April 2021.

Search teams later located three kilogrammes of heroin inside a wardrobe in Malik’s bedroom, and the deal line phone was found in his kitchen.

A search of Ali’s address found more heroin, crack cocaine, cutting agents and presses.

The total worth of the illegal substances is thought to be around £300,000.

Malik pleaded guilty to charges of conspiracy to supply heroin, cocaine and crack cocaine.

Ali was found guilty of the same charges following a trial in early January 2022.

Imran Khan Ali was sentenced to 11-and-a-half years in prison. Mohammed Salim Malik was jailed for six years.

Detective Sergeant Rebecca Dilley, from Bedfordshire Police’s Central Tasking Team, said:

“The dismantling of this deal line is a key step in tackling the flow of drugs into Bedford and I’m delighted this group will no longer be able to bring such dangerous and damaging substances into our communities.

“We had been working over a significant period to establish the individuals behind this drugs line and an in-depth picture had been built around their activities.

“The final piece of the jigsaw was being able to prove the identities of those involved.

“From the evidence, we found when investigating, it is clear that they paid no regard whatsoever for the destruction being caused to some of the most vulnerable people in society, and I’m glad they have been brought to justice.”

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