Why did Rabia Anum walk out of Good Morning Pakistan?

Rabia Anum walked out of Nida Yasir’s ‘Good Morning Pakistan’ and she hinted that the reason was due to another guest.

Why did Rabia Anum walk out of Good Morning Pakistan f

"I won’t be able to face my friends"

Rabia Anum walked out of Nida Yasir’s Good Morning Pakistan to take a stand for victims of domestic abuse.

Rabia appeared on the show as a guest along with Fiza Ali and Mohsin Abbas Haider.

She was already seated when the show began. Rabia then came to know about the other guests.

As the show began, Rabia stated that she will leave as she did not want to sit throughout the show where an alleged domestic abuser was also a guest.

Apologising to Nida, Rabia said:

“I want to apologise beforehand to you, Nida, for what I am about to say. You know I love you. This team and this channel are very dear to me.

“We are talking about childhood mistakes right now but there are some mistakes that stay with you your whole life.

“I don’t want to make such mistakes here today.”

Without saying any names, Rabia Anum hinted that the reason was due to Mohsin Abbas Haider.

Mohsin had been married to Fatima Sohail. She accused him of domestic violence, something he has frequently denied, and they eventually divorced in 2019.

Taking a stand for domestic abuse victims, Rabia continued:

“There is an issue close to me for which I have taken a strong stand i.e. domestic abuse.

“When I came to your show today, I knew that Fiza will be here but I wasn’t aware of any other guests.

“I believe if my smallest action can help my daughter or anyone out there then I have to comply. I know you (Nida) are a responsible person.

“But I think if I sat through this show today then tomorrow, I won’t be able to face my friends, my colleagues and all those girls who are the victims of abuse.”

Rabia left the show at the beginning of the show.

Although it had been edited out, clips of the incident circulated on social media.

Social media users praised Rabia for her stance on the matter.

One said:

“Massive respect for Rabia Anum for taking a consistent and bold stance against domestic violence and wife beaters.”

“Our TV screens are better off without them.”

Another commented: “It takes guts to take a stand on a live show for domestic abuse victims in front of an abuser.

“Just in awe of how gracefully she managed to do that. Rabia Anum is the kind of woman we all should look upto. Kudos to her!”

A third wrote: “So proud of Rabia Anum for how confidently she said no to sit in a show with an abuser, we need more women to come out of this accepting abusers norm.”

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