Rabia Anum & Kanwal Ahmed shame Whitening Cream Advert

Rabia Anum and Kanwal Ahmed have spoken against Golden Pearl’s Whitening Cream advert, claiming the brand’s tagline is offensive.

Rabia Anum & Kanwal Ahmed shame Whitening Cream Advert f

"Can we please put a stop to these types of ads already?"

Rabia Anum Obaid and Kanwal Ahmed recently expressed their frustration regarding an advertisement for Golden Pearl Whitening Cream.

Both have taken to their social media platforms to voice their dismay over the ad, which they find inappropriate.

They claim that the advertisement perpetuates harmful beauty standards.

It also encourages men to suggest, in a derogatory manner, that their partners use a skin-whitening cream.

Rabia Anum, discussing the matter on X, conveyed her astonishment upon encountering the advertisement.

She pointed out that the ad uses the tagline:

“Look at your partner and now look at me.”

She wrote: “Just saw an Ad for Golden Pearl Whitening Cream that is extremely inappropriate.

“The ad encourages men to ask their partners to use the cream for skin whitening that too in such a terrible way

“‘Apni partner ko dekho or ab mujhe dekho’.

“Can we please put a stop to these types of ads already? It’s 2024 for God’s sake.”

Rabia called for an end to such advertisements, emphasising that in 2024, society should advance beyond regressive marketing tactics.

A user wrote under the post: “For the first time in my life, I agree with this woman.”

Another commented: “She’s right! Everything is temporary but the obsession with fair complexion is forever.”

Kanwal Ahmed echoed Rabia’s feelings in her posts on X and Instagram.

She criticised the fairness cream ad, highlighting how it provides another excuse for men to belittle their partners in society.

Kanwal expressed her disappointment that, even in 2024, fairness creams are still promoted in Pakistan.

She called the making of such ads “sick” and highlighted the dire need to challenge and dismantle these damaging norms.

“In a society where many men need a reason to demean their partners – some thought it would be a great idea to make this ad.

“Sick that even in 2024 fairness creams are being sold in Pakistan and endorsing the idea of comparing women on the basis of their complexion.”

She took a firm stance, and used the hashtag ‘Colourism’, condemning the promotion of such discriminatory beauty standards.

Many agreed with Kanwal and voiced their thoughts on her post.

One said:

“What is wrong with these marketing agencies? Do they not think twice before approving such disrespectful ideas?”

Another wrote: “It is time to redefine beauty that is not linked to fair complexion.”

One remarked: “This is so enraging. The colourism, the patriarchal undertones and the fact that these creams are entirely unregulated, full of steroids and extremely dangerous to use.

“There is an entire list of reasons why this kind of advertisement should be banned.”

Another pointed: “The irony of ‘love your skin’ at the end.”

Ayesha is a film and drama student who adores music, arts and fashion. Being highly ambitious, her motto for life is, "Even the Impossible spells I'm Possible"

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