Is Diljit Dosanjh in Love with Kylie Jenner?

In a recent media interview, Diljit Dosanjh has revealed his ‘love’ for the social media star, Kylie Jenner. Watch how he ‘proposes’ to her in Punjabi!

Is Diljit Dosanjh in Love with Kylie Jenner?

"I'll give you my heart. Just don't ask for my life because I want to spend it with you."

Kylie Jenner has turned into the most popular Kardashian family member in the last couple of years. And it seems one Indian star has proclaimed his ‘love’ for the social media star – Diljit Dosanjh!

While his ‘love’ for reality TV star has been evident for some time, Diljit went one step further by ‘proposing’ to Kylie in Punjabi!

The actor appeared for an interview on MensXP, as part of promoting his new film Super Singh. Accompanied by his co-star Sonam Bajwa, the interview took a slight turn as he became questioned about Kylie Jenner.

Diljit Dosanjh recounted a story on how he created ‘Do You Know’ for her only. He supposedly recorded the song with an Instagram picture of Kylie in front of him. The actor proceeded to then sing the song, directly towards the camera. Perhaps he imagined the celebrity gazing back at him?

Following the mini-serenade Diljit popped the big question after MensXP asked him what he would say to the American star. He answers:

“Hmm, in Punjab, I’d say: ‘Sohniye, I don’t know why you have involved yourself in these weird things. All these people involved are worth it. I don’t understand who’s brainwashed you.'”

Diljit followed on with: “Just look at me. I’ll wear a matching suit and turban and buy you a pretty suit. I’ll give you my heart. Just don’t ask for my life because I want to spend it with you.”

He then ends the ‘proposal’ with a simple: “Please, maan jaa!” Sonam Bajwa applauded her co-star and laughed: “I think this is the best proposal ever!”

Watch the interview here:

Afterwards, Diljit Dosanjh offered his thoughts on Kylie’s Instagram, where she reveals sizzling images.

While giving his opinion, it seems the star has already contemplated life with the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star. Looking at one particular photo, he jokingly remarks:

“This looks like we’re on a date and I am clicking her picture. It looks like it was taken by me. But I wonder why she shared it? She shouldn’t share personal stuff.”

Prior to the interview, many of the actor’s fans first suspected Diljit after they noticed he would regularly leave comments and likes on Kylie’s Instagram posts. Recently, screenshots appeared of the star commenting on Kim Kardashian’s Instagram Live. As she live-streamed on the social media app, Diljit had reportedly commented on it, asking: “Kylie?”

While the actor makes a strong effort to proclaim his ‘love’ for Kylie Jenner, she so far has not contacted him.

But with this ‘proposal’, we wonder whether Diljit Dosanjh has finally caught her attention?

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