Tanushree Dutta says Body Shamers led to 15kg Weight Loss

Tanushree Dutta has revealed her 15-kilogram weight loss, however, she says one of the reasons was the abuse she received from body shamers.

Tanushree Dutta says Body Shamers led to 15kg Weight Loss f

"They said in sneak ways and that hurts you"

Tanushree Dutta revealed that over the course of 2020, she lost 15-kilograms. However, she revealed that body shaming was one of the reasons for the weight loss.

Although she has been away from acting for 10 years, Tanushree is now planning to return to films.

The 36-year-old said she decided to lose some weight in order to look good on-screen.

But she also said body shamers were another reason for the weight loss, particularly those who trolled her behind her back.

Tanushree, who started off India’s #MeToo movement, explained:

“I think, in the last couple of years, when I was maintaining a bigger body frame, I think a lot of people took that as an excuse to body-shame me.

“Sometimes people can be really sneaky, you rarely come across people who outright call you fat. They said in sneak ways and that hurts you nevertheless.

“They will say something like that which is completely unnecessary. Don’t I know it?

“People would be like ‘oh you have put on a bit of weight, you are bigger than before’.

“Basically unhanded comments. I got a lot of underhanded comments and underhanded compliments, which you can tell the intention of the person the way they are talking to you.

“You can tell that they don’t have their best interests in me.

“They say it to put you down and make you feel bad. I did go through that emotional rollercoaster.”

Tanushree went on to share the secrets of her weight loss journey:

“Since I was living in the mountains, there was not much really to do, so I thought why not focus on my diet, cook my own meal, follow this intermittent fasting and see.

“I employed all the tricks and tools that I had together.”

The actress went on to say that every once in a while, she would have a cheat meal which consisted of bagels and cream cheese.

She revealed that she would be returning to films after 10 years.

In a lengthy Instagram post, Tanushree Dutta said she has been offered acting projects from both the Hindi and South Indian film industry.

She added that she has been receiving silent support from influential figures in the film business.

Tanushree explained that she stayed away from acting due to unpleasant experiences. She has decided to return because she wants to “reconsider” her options in Bollywood.

“Since I’m an artist at heart who just happened to lose my way away from my craft due to some very very bad human beings and the trouble they caused me, I decided to not be hasty in changing my profession and reconsider what options I have in Bollywood.

“I have a lot of goodwill in Bollywood and Mumbai so I came back to India and will stay here for sometime and will work on some interesting projects.”

Dhiren is a journalism graduate with a passion for gaming, watching films and sports. He also enjoys cooking from time to time. His motto is to “Live life one day at a time.”

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