Tanushree Dutta recalls Near-Death Experiences

Tanushree Dutta celebrated her 37th birthday but the actress revealed she had several near-death experiences. She recalled them.

Tanushree Dutta recalls Near-Death Experiences f

"my whole life flashed before me like a movie."

Tanushree Dutta revealed that she has experienced several near-death incidents throughout her life.

The actress recalled the moments on March 19, 2021, her 37th birthday.

She revealed that her premature birth had led doctors to believe that she would not survive.

Tanushree explained: “I was a premature baby, born in seven months.

“Just after my birth, I was diagnosed with severe jaundice and the doctors had given up, asking my parents to be prepared for a funeral.

“But as fate would have it, I lived and was a healthy baby.”

Despite overcoming her challenge as a baby, Tanushree revealed that she encountered more near-death experiences.

One incident happened when she moved to Mumbai during her days as a model, prior to participating in Miss India 2004.

She revealed that she and a friend were almost run over by a train while they attempted to cross the tracks by foot.

Tanushree said: “When the train was barely a few feet away, my friend suddenly pressed my head down to sit, and we hid in the gap between the wheels of the train and the barricade.

“There was just enough space for us to crouch and stay till the train would cross.

“It was only for a minute or maybe even less, but my whole life flashed before me like a movie. It was like a message from beyond.”

Another incident saw her almost in a car crash.

Because of her near-death experiences, Tanushree Dutta stated that she has developed a “deep and profound” respect for life.

Tanushree Dutta made the headlines in 2018 when she accused Nana Patekar of sexual harassment. This prompted India’s #MeToo movement.

Tanushree was last seen in the 2010 film Apartment. She has not been seen in films since but she plans to make a comeback.

She revealed that stayed away from acting due to unpleasant experiences. She decided to return as she wants to “reconsider” her options in Bollywood.

Tanushree explained that she lost around 15 kilograms over 2020 so that she could look good on-screen.

However, the actress also revealed that the weight loss was due to being body-shamed.

Tanushree said that people body-shamed her in sneaky ways rather than telling her to her face. The negative comments hurt her.

On the work front, Tanushree said that she has been offered acting projects both in the Hindi and South Indian film industries.

She added that she is receiving silent support from established filmmakers in the film industry.

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