Kaushiki Rathore reveals 15kg Weight Loss in 3 Months

Kaushiki Rathore opened up on her weight loss journey and shared the secret of how she lost 15 kilograms in three months.

Kaushiki Rathore reveals 15kg Weight Loss in 3 Months f


"I had to make sure I stay away from junk food."

Kaushiki Rathore has endured a remarkable weight loss journey, losing 15 kilograms in just three months.

The actress achieved the result from her own hard work, from creating her own food plan to compiling a list of her daily workouts.

However, Kaushiki’s path to getting the body she wanted was not easy.

People frequently nicknamed the actress “that fat woman from a TV serial” to undermine her self-esteem, but Kaushiki did not allow the insults to disrupt her peace and quiet.

She opened up about the diet and fitness regimen that helped her to lose weight.

Kaushiki told ETimes: “It hasn’t been easy. First of all, let me tell you, I am a big foodie. I have a sweet tooth. I am addicted to food.

“Be it any emotion, I need food. In this mental condition, I had to make sure I stay away from junk food.

“It was very difficult to stay away from food. I have sweet cravings at midnight.”

Kaushiki’s diet, which assisted the actress in her weight loss journey, was brought up during the same interview.

When discussing her breakfast options, she said:

“I would have overnight soaked oats with different types of fruits each day, dry fruits and green tea.

“I also made a special type of Juice, which is my personal recipe and it worked wonders for me.

“My mom would make something similar. It consists of carrot, spinach, amla, aloe vera and black salt. The taste was good and I could see the difference in my hair and skin.”

Kaushiki had a simple lunch of daal, sabzi and roti after a nutritious breakfast.

She also talked briefly about her night-time meals and snacks. She stated:

“In the afternoon, I would have a proper lunch – daal, sabzi and roti (gluten-free).

“In the evening, I would have dry fruits like peanuts, fox nuts.

“I couldn’t leave sugar. I have my black tea with sugar. I would have egg whites, or green salad and before going to sleep I would drink milk.”

On her exercise routine, Kaushiki Rathore explained:

“I didn’t have any goals set in mind that I have to lose this much weight within this time.

“I didn’t have any idea about how much I would be able to do. I didn’t have a trainer.

“I would do 30 per cent weight training and 70 per cent functional.

“I wanted a lean body. After 3 months, continuing the diet gets difficult.”

When asked if she has received any help whilst on her journey, the actress recalled the words of her late mother:

“I didn’t but followed my mom’s words. She is no more but she used to always tell me, ‘Nobody is stopping you from eating. Just watch the quantity of the food’.

“I used to overeat in childhood. So my mom would keep telling me that and I remembered it.

“I followed many celebrity interviews as well and did some research by myself.”

To those going through a weight loss transformation, the actress added:

“I want to tell everybody that there’s no easy way to lose weight. There’s no shortcut.

“Keeping my mom’s words in mind, I prepared a diet chart with meals every two hours. didn’t overeat.”

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