Top 10 Beauty Advent Calendars under £50

The countdown to Christmas is incomplete without an advent calendar. DESIblitz presents the top beauty advent calendars this festive season!

Top 10 Beauty Advent Calendars under £50 - f

This year, there is a beauty advent calendar for everyone.

With Christmas fast approaching, many beauty brands have released their latest advent calendars featuring fan favourite products.

The buzz for advent calendars has certainly grown in recent years, with new and exciting calendars topping the festive shopping season.

Beauty advent calendars are an excellent way to try out new and exciting cult favourites that may become full-time products in the following year.

Though there is nothing better during the festive season than waking up to open the door of your advent calendar, the cost-of-living crisis has caused many individuals to stick to a budget this Christmas.

Nevertheless, in consideration of retail prices being on the increase, DESIblitz has worked hard to present you with the top 10 affordable beauty advent calendars under £50.

Sephora Collection Wishing You Discovery Beauty Advent Calendar 2022

Top 10 Beauty Advent Calendars under £50 - 1First up is the fabulous Sephora Collections Wishing You Discovery Beauty Advent Calendar.

This calendar includes an assortment of surprises with makeup, skincare, bath items and accessories all contained within the calendar.

With Sephora having recently launched in the UK, the advent calendar is now accessible to UK residents at an affordable price of £33.70 on the Sephora website.

If you’re unfamiliar with the brand, then this calendar may be the perfect gift to discover the Sephora collection and uncover some new beauty favourites.

The calendar’s contents have a total value of around £85, meaning people will be getting more than their money’s worth this Christmas.

GATINEAU 12 Days of Christmas Minis

Top 10 Beauty Advent Calendars under £50 - 2In celebration of its 90th anniversary, Gatineau has released the 12 days of Christmas Minis advent calendar.

It includes nine deluxe, miniature skincare items as well as three full-sized products and is suitable for all skin types.

The calendar is being sold for only £49 on Sephora and Gatineau yet holds products worth £241, nearly five times the retail price.

The calendar has already received various five-star reviews, with customers commenting, “this was real value for money”.

With a curated selection of high-quality skincare products, the Gatineau 12 Days of Christmas Minis advent calendar is certainly one to add to the pre-Christmas shopping list.

Makeup Revolution Ultimate Glamour 12-Day Advent Calendar

Top 10 Beauty Advent Calendars under £50 - 3The Makeup Revolution Ultimate Glamour 12-Day Advent Calendar should be a top contender to make any makeup lovers’ Christmas sparkle.

The calendar is in limited supply and is flying off the website sales fast with a very affordable sale price of £35.

It contains eyeshadow palettes, accessories, makeup brushes and so much more with a value of up to £82, with all twelve items being full-sized.

All products included in the calendar are vegan and cruelty-free meaning the calendar is perfect for the vegan skincare and makeup lover.

Revolution Skincare 12 Days of Indulgence: Total Body Mask Advent Calendar

Top 10 Beauty Advent Calendars under £50 - 4Another great advent calendar released this year by Revolution is the Skincare Body Mask Advent Calendar.

This calendar focuses more on skin and body care as opposed to makeup but is definitely worth the pounds.

At an affordable price of £25, the calendar comprises 10 different masks that include two hair masks, several facemasks, and a heel mask.

The calendar also includes a masking brush and headband, essential beauty tools for any skincare self-care routine.

The advent calendar is also vegan and cruelty-free, earning it the esteemed title of vegan skincare.

NYX Mrs Claus 12-Day Advent Calendar

Top 10 Beauty Advent Calendars under £50 - 5Presented in festive packaging with a red and gold colour scheme, the NYX Mrs Claus 12-Day Advent Calendar is the perfect gift for any makeup lover.

The calendar is a limited-edition model and includes a variety of festive-themed makeup goodies and cult favourite products.

The makeup-based calendar holds products with a total value of over £60 yet is being sold for £45 on websites such as Sephora and of course the NYX cosmetics website.

The calendar includes familiar NYX fan favourites, with three different single eyeshadows, two individual soft matte lip creams, two butter glosses, two mini setting sprays, an eyeshadow base, the HD finishing powder and a born to glow liquid illuminator.

Beauty Bay Skincare Obsessed Box

Top 10 Beauty Advent Calendars under £50 - 6Beauty Bay have released the limited-edition Skincare Obsessed Box, a Beauty Bay-exclusive advent calendar.

The advent calendar is packed with seventeen skincare must-haves with a total worth of £192.50.

It is being sold on the Beauty Bay website for £50, an absolute bargain for any skincare-obsessed individual.

The calendar contains several skincare fan favourites including a Holika Holika Lip Balm, a Mario Badescu Facial Spray, a Dermalogica Pre Cleanse Oil and many more skincare must-haves.

The limited-edition box will certainly have your skin looking radiant all festive season long.

ASOS Grooming 12-Day Advent Calendar

Top 10 Beauty Advent Calendars under £50 - 7This year there is a beauty advent calendar for everyone, regardless of gender. ASOS have released their very own Grooming 12-Day Advent Calendar.

The calendar is only £40 and includes 12 exciting products worth over £120 from a variety of big brands.

Brands contained in the calendar include The Ordinary, Carbon Theory, Elf, Cetaphil, Elemis and many more.

With a mixture of full-sized products and minis, the calendar targets skincare, body care, makeup, and hair care.

The calendar is packaged in a reusable tote bag which is 100% recyclable, making it a great gift for the eco-conscious individual.

It is certainly an advent calendar that covers all bases and is the perfect gift for those interested in skincare and hair grooming.

Avon 12-Day Beauty Advent Calendar

Top 10 Beauty Advent Calendars under £50 - 8Whilst everyone may be familiar with Avon Cosmetics, an age-old beauty brand, you may not be aware that they have released a 12-day Advent Calendar this festive season.

The calendar is packed with familiar favourites which include eleven full-sized products and one mini-product.

The products in the calendar range from the icon Avon hand creams to ultra-matte lipsticks, meaning there is certainly a new and unique beauty product to discover behind each new door of this calendar.

It is currently selling online at the Avon website for a reduced price of £19.50, yet is worth £60.

The Avon 12-Day Beauty Advent Calendar is the perfect treat for yourself or as a gift this Christmas.

The Grinch x Makeup Revolution 12 Days Advent Calendar

Top 10 Beauty Advent Calendars under £50 - 9Transport yourself into your favourite Christmas movie in the countdown to Christmas with this festive Grinch-themed Makeup Revolution Advent Calendar collaboration.

The Grinch X Makeup Revolution collaboration has been a hit in stores, with fans loving the colourful packaging of the products.

The festive-themed calendar includes a nine-shade eyeshadow palette, a gold highlighter, various lip products, makeup brushes and many more makeup treats.

For £40 with a value of £71, it can be purchased on sites such as Beauty Bay and of course the Revolution Beauty website.

Beauty Bay Party Obsessed Box

Top 10 Beauty Advent Calendars under £50 - 10Another Beauty Bay exclusive hit this season is the Party Obsessed Box.

Unlike the Skincare Obsessed box, the Party Obsessed box includes eighteen skincare and makeup products.

The limited-edition beauty bay exclusive includes products to tick all boxes, ranging from party preparation skincare, festive makeup stand-outs and post-party recovery skincare tools.

The box even includes a full-sized sixteen-shade Beauty Bay eyeshadow palette, which is sure to add a touch of glam throughout the festive season.

For £40 with a total value of £131.61, you clearly can’t go wrong with this hit purchase whether it be a gift or a personal treat.

It is a festive party season must-have.

The beauty advent calendars certainly keep coming with these top 10 calendars flying off shelves and selling out quickly.

Whether it’s skincare, makeup or haircare, these beauty brands have found a way to cater to everyone’s beauty needs this festive season.

With the countdown to Christmas underway, be sure to bag yourselves one of these top 10 advent calendars to stand out this festive season!

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