SRK requests No Photos of AbRam Khan to Indian Paparazzi?

As his four-year-old son starts school, Shahrukh Khan has requested Indian paparazzi to take no photos of AbRam Khan, concerned more with his education.

SRK requests No Photos of AbRam Khan to Indian Paparazzi?

"He does not want any pictures of AbRam in school or of Aryan."

The youngest son of Shahrukh Khan, AbRam, has recently started his education life and enrolled into school. But Shahrukh has supposedly requested the Indian paparazzi to take no photos of AbRam Khan.

Four-year-old AbRam has enrolled into Dhirubhai Ambani International School. A location already favoured by many famous families in Bollywood, meaning it contains a high level of security.

However, Shahrukh Khan appears keen for his son to enjoy a carefree childhood. Away from the prying eyes of Indian paparazzi.

Reports claim he has requested photographers to take no photos of AbRam Khan. Particularly when he enters and exits the school. In addition, he also asked the press to take no photos of his older son, Aryan.

Only a few days prior, images of the four-year-old boy surfaced online. Showing him leaving Dhirubhai Ambani International School. A source told Bollywood Life:

“He does not want any pictures of AbRam in school or of Aryan. He is very particular about it. But a couple of people are stationed outside. It is rare to get a picture of AbRam.”

It seems then SRK’s supposed request has not deterred the paparazzi from snapping images of the four-year-old boy.

Some may feel perplexed by this. For various events, Shahrukh Khan appeared fine with photos of his children, Suhana, Aryan and Abram, taken by the press. He also shared images of them over the years on social media.

However, the actor understandably has a serious attitude when it comes to education. In the past, he revealed his wish to have Suhana and Aryan finish their studies before making any Bollywood debuts. Speculation had grown rife over their expected appearances in Indian cinema.

But Shahrukh ended the rumours, citing their education was more important. He even sent Aryan to Sevenoaks School in Kent, after he previously studied at a school in Mumbai.

When one considers the rising popularity of Suhana and Aryan, they have both felt the negative consequences of fame. While SRK’s daughter has suffered incidents where the paparazzi have hounded her, Aryan became the subject of false rumours. Suggesting he, in fact, was the father of AbRam.

At a TED Talks event in May 2017, Shahrukh described these rumours as “disturbing” for the whole family.

Perhaps then, SRK hopes AbRam doesn’t have to suffer from this aspect of fame. By reportedly requesting no photos of his four-year-old when at school, it places a boundary between him and the Indian press.

But whether they will respect that line or overstep it, time will tell.

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