Will Suhana and Aryan be making a Bollywood Debut?

Many have speculated on potential Bollywood debuts of Suhana and Aryan Khan. But SRK himself has reportedly put rumours to rest in a press conference.

Will Suhana and Aryan be making a Bollywood Debut?

"My children will first have to finish their studies."

Over recent months, many have speculated over the possible Bollywood debut of Shahrukh Khan’s children, Suhana and Aryan.

However, the acting legend himself has reportedly cleared all confusion surrounding the matter. In a recent press conference, Shahrukh Khan revealed that Suhana and Aryan won’t be making their first appearance in Indian cinema anytime soon.

As fans prepare for the debuts of other emerging stars, such as Sara Ali Khan and Karan Deol, they haven’t learnt much regarding SRK’s children.

This has led to plenty of rumours and speculation. Some have even wondered whether they would make a Bollywood debut or not?

Instead, SRK understandably wants them to focus on their studies. In the conference, he made the comments after media outlets directly asked him on their potential debuts.

He reportedly responded: “My children will first have to finish their studies. In my house, a person has to at least be a graduate or they won’t be allowed to enter the house.

“Suhana is still in Class 11. So she has five years of studies left. Aryan has four years left. If Suhana wants to be an actor, then she will study to be an actor. So there is a long long way to go.”

The actor also quickly added: “Just because she makes public appearances does not mean that we are taking her out so that people will notice her and make her an actress.” It seems these comments have come in response to her recent appearance at her mother’s restaurant launch.

Wearing a beautiful, bold orange dress, Suhana’s appearance potentially led many to question her Bollywood debut. But it seems fans will have a long time to wait before she appears in a theatrical release.

In addition, Shahrukh Khan made a request in the press conference, concerning his children. He asked:

“I request two things to everybody – when you see them publically, it’s not sure that they’ll be able to handle media like I do. And secondly, just because they come out publically, doesn’t mean they want to be actors.”

This recent news will come as a disappointment to many fans. With recent buzz surrounding other budding stars, many had hoped Suhana and Aryan would follow suit.

But it’s understandable that SRK would want them to focus on education first. As a protective father, it seems he wants them to become certain of what career they will pursue.

While he didn’t completely rule out a Bollywood debut for Suhana and Aryan, we may have to wait quite a while before any confirmations appear.

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