Shahrukh Khan Overprotective of AbRam

What’s Monika got in store for us this week? The rumour mill has been busy. Gossip is Shahrukh Khan is keeping AbRam away, Ranbir and Katrina have made their own love nest, and Karan and Kajol have a BFF breakup!

Shahrukh Khan


Shahrukh Khan

SRK Overprotective of AbRam

Seems like Shahrukh Khan does not easily forgive and forget! Well, he still hasn’t forgotten media for writing insensitive things about his one-year old son, AbRam’s health and thus does not allow the media or public to get even a glimpse of him.

Though SRK is always spotted with his kids Suhana and Aryan, King Khan hesitates to step out into the public eye with his son. King Khan thinks that AbRam is very beautiful and considering the gossip that had surrounded AbRam’s birth, the actor is still extremely overprotective.

Well, this shielding superstitious dad needs to take it easy and give us a sneak peek of his little kid whom we can’t wait to meet!

Ranbir Katrina

Ranbir-Karina 20 Crore Love Nest

Oh my! Monika just heard that Ranbir and Katrina have forked out whopping Rs 20 Crores for their love nest in Mumbai. The love nest is a plush duplex in Bandra which takes up the fourth, fifth and sixth floor of the building.

Yes! They will be moving in together very soon and guess what? Yes there’s more gossip! Apparently, Kat who was shooting in South Africa, has already shopped for the kitchenware and rare antiques for the house.

So now the million dollar question is if they will be a ‘live-in couple’ or will they announce their marriage before moving into their new home?


Saifeena Celebrating B’day in UK

Kareena is famous to always surprise her hubby Saif Ali Khan by whisking him away to the most unique exotic holiday locations every year on his birthday! This year the lovely couple plan to celebrate the special day in our very own United Kingdom!

The buzz is that Kareena will celebrate Saif’s B’day in the 600 year old Winchester College. It’s a great gesture on Kareena’s behalf to bring together Saif and his college buddies from Winchester together to celebrate his birthday on August 16.

That’s not all, the couple also plan to drive to London and party there and then travel further, either to Italy or France. Guess after the heat wave in UK, it is about to get even hotter.

PK-Poster Aamir

Aamir Khan P.K. Poster Controversy

After shocking his fans with his almost nude look in the poster of his upcoming film P.K., Aamir Khan, himself has got the shock of his life!

Apparently many activists and politicians have gotten offended with the poster and are protesting against Aamir to take the poster down. Not just that, they are planning to dress up the cut-out of the offensive poster. Aamir however defends the poster saying it is key-art and depicts the story of the film.

Well Aamir, Monika thinks your fans must be wanting more, but your key-art has certainly not gone down well with others. Monika says, any publicity is good publicity!

The Fault in Our Stars

The Fault in Our Stars Remade for Bollywood

Gossip is that Mumbai-based Fox Star Studios are thinking of adapting the film, The Fault in Our Stars in Hindi.

The studio thinks that the story of Woodley who plays a 16-year-old cancer patient attending a support group where she subsequently meets and falls in love with a cancer survivor will have an emotional connection with Desi audiences.

Of course, the formula of teen romance along with loads of melodrama has always worked fine in Bollywood. Details about the adaptation are still being discussed. The main question is who will be casting and directing this project! Any wild guesses DESIblitzers?

Kajol Karan

Karan Loses his BFF Kajol

This gossip is full of mirch-masala. Well, Ajay Devgn recently heard that Karan Johar had said some unflattering things about him and his wife Kajol.

Whether a gossip or not, Ajay wanted to find out the truth for himself. He called up Karan to tell him that he would appreciate it if he didn’t discuss him or his family ever again. Karan was shocked and denied having bad-mouthed him or his BFF Kajol.

This lead to a flaming spite and Kajol decided to side with her hubby of course. Now Karan, though Monika trusts you, she thinks you should keep your gossip to yourself. After SRK your BFF Kajol too has left you all alone.

Monika is our resident Gossip wali. Every week this Desi chick brings us selective gossip from Bollywood and the Desi entertainment world! 'Ek hafte mein itni Gossip... Hai Hai!' - A must weekly read!

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