Sizzling Summer Footwear for Women

DESIblitz looks at the hottest summer footwear trends for women, and how you can find the perfect shoes to stay on trend. From blocked heels to jelly shoes, there is something for everyone this summer!

summer footwear trends

There are so many new trends for summer footwear this year! The variety is amazing.

Usually, we associate sandals as being the go to summer footwear for women.

However, this year hotter trends in footwear have evolved, and there is huge range to choose from.

Whether you prefer covering your feet or showing them off, there is a summer style for everyone.

Read on for your guide to the trendiest footwear to complete your sizzling hot summer outfits.

Pop of Colour

summer  footwear

When we think of summer, we think of pretty pastels, shocking neon’s and bright playful colours. But these colours shouldn’t just be limited to the clothes we wear, but on our feet as well.

A pop of colour is a great trend where the entire outfit focuses on the shoe, usually in a bright shocking colour.

Bright and bold shoes or sandals can be a great way to lift an entire outfit and transform it into that hot summer look you need.

You could also try shoes that combine two bold colours, for an even brighter stand out look.

Whether you’re wearing bright pink jellies or a mint stiletto, the vibrant pop of colour will transform your outfit into a summer show stopper.

Block Heel 


The block heel is a trend from the 70s that has made a great comeback this year.

This chunky looking heel can appear on sandals or shoes, and not only are they a hot trend at the moment, but they are also very comfy!

Block heels are available in a variety of styles and heel lengths to suit anyone.

Ankle strapped sandals and shoes with block heels create a beautiful summer statement piece. Peep toe brogues with a blocked heel in summer pastel colours allows for a more casual alternative.

Block ankle heels with straps contribute to a very elegant summer look that would look perfect paired with a bright cocktail dress or high split maxi skirt.

On the other hand, the Must-Have Buckled sandals by Forever 21 (£27.90) have a slightly more edgy appearance that would go nicely with tie-dyed jeans.

This stylish, modern shoe allows for the shoe to become a statement in itself. Do you dare to go block?

Caveman Sandal 

summer footwear

The caveman sandal is a relatively new trend, and has been endorsed by celebs, fashion trendsetters and bloggers.

However, this shoe can be a little like marmite – you either love them or you hate them!

They are sandals with a thick flat sole and either one or two thick straps going across, usually with buckles on them. It is a very easy and practical shoe that can be slipped on and off in seconds as well as being one of the comfiest summer footwear out!

However, some dislike the appearance of this sandal and think it can appear rather masculine and flat. Despite this, caveman sandals have proven to sell well and continued to gain popularity throughout the summer.

This casual footwear would look great with some boyfriend jeans or even a pair of dungarees.

You can find them at Topshop (prices ranging from £20-£30.)

So why not give it a try and see if you can work your summer outfits with a caveman sandal?

Jelly Shoes 

summer footwear

For people who prefer to cover their feet during summer, jellies are the perfect go-to footwear that is on totally on trend this season!

Despite starting as shoes designed for children, jelly shoes have overcome the age barrier to become popular with people from all backgrounds. In fact, their often bright colours or glittery patterns has become a unique selling point with adult buyers.

Jellies are named jelly-shoes because of the rubbery material they are made from; they are soft and flexible which makes wearing them a comfortable experience.

They range in colours and transparencies; they can be filled with glitter or come in a block opaque colour. They are a fun, younger way of dressing your feet.

They are usually caged, which means the straps are in a cage-like appearance that covers the front half of the shoe.

Jelly shoes used to be just flats but now are venturing out and exploring the block heel trend this summer!

You can also find jelly-shoes in T-bar, dolly and slip on sandal designs too! New Look offer a wide choice like many other high street stores this summer pricing them around £5-£15.

Jelly shoes are definitely a way to have fun with your footwear this summer. So feel free to strut your stuff in a pair of jellies this summer!

The variety of styles is immense and proves that there is a summer shoe for everyone. These fashion must haves are guaranteed to make you look fabulous!

Mariam is an undergraduate student studying Classical Civilisations. She loves anything creative, reading, loves to travel, socialise and most importantly shop! Her motto is: “The best is yet to come!”