Shah Rukh Khan ‘hated’ his Death Scene in Kal Ho Naa Ho

Kal Ho Naa Ho director Nikkhil Advani has revealed that Shah Rukh Khan hated his death scene in the film. He compared it to Devdas.

Shah Rukh Khan ‘hated’ his Death Scene in Kal Ho Naa Ho f

"You’re too irreverent, not giving it any respect"

Filmmaker Nikkhil Advani has revealed that Shah Rukh Khan “absolutely hated” his death scene in the film.

The Kal Ho Naa Ho actor compared his death scene in the film to the one in Devdas.

Nikkhil made his directorial debut in 2003 with Kal Ho Naa Ho after working as an assistant director for a decade.

Shah Rukh Khan starred in the hit romance musical film alongside Preity Zinta and Saif Ali Khan.

Upon the film’s release in 2003, Kal Ho Naa Ho received positive reviews from critics.

As a result, the film received eleven nominations at the 49th Filmfare Awards and won eight.

Speaking about the importance of death scenes in Shah Rukh Khan’s films, Nikkhil said:

“Shah Rukh absolutely hated the death scene of Kal Ho Naa Ho.

“He kept saying, ‘You’re too irreverent, not giving it any respect.’

“He was also shooting Devdas at the same time in which he had a spectacular death scene.

“He kept saying, ‘Now that’s a death scene’.

“I explained to him that I was looking at death as a comma, not a full stop.”

Nikkhil also shared that the easiest actor to work alongside was the late Irrfan Khan.

The director revealed that their collaboration on D-Day changed the way he worked on the set.

Nikkhil said:

“What I am today post D-Day is because of him.

“He taught me how to approach my work.

“He said to stop taking everything so seriously. ‘Just enjoy yourself.’

“Now that’s how I work.

“It’s how I made Mumbai Diaries.

“I’d come to set and figure. It’s very unnerving for everyone around me!”

Alongside D-Day, Nikkhil directed films such as Batia House and produced films such as Airlift and BellBottom.

Meanwhile, Shah Rukh Khan continues to be thrust into the spotlight as a result of his son Aryan Khan’s arrest.

Aryan and several others were arrested following a drugs raid on a cruise ship.

Drugs were not found in Aryan’s possession however they were seized from others. It is not known if he consumed any drugs.

Many celebrities and netizens have expressed their support for Shah Rukh Khan and his 23-year-old son.

Some of the celebrities include Hrithik Roshan, Somy Ali and Suniel Shetty.

Amid the ongoing investigation against Shah Rukh Khan’s son, the ed-tech platform Byju’s has pulled their adverts featuring the Kal Ho Naa Ho actor.

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