Saif Ali Khan reveals ‘Change’ in Taimur since Jeh’s Arrival

Saif Ali Khan spoke about his two young sons and revealed that he has seen a “change” in Taimur since the arrival of Jeh.

Saif Ali Khan reveals 'Change' in Taimur since Jeh's Arrival f

"he was the younger one and now he isn’t anymore."

Saif Ali Khan became a father again in February 2021 to Jeh and since his arrival, he says he has noticed a change in Taimur.

He shares both boys with Kareena Kapoor while his other children, Sara and Ibrahim, were from his first marriage to Amrita Singh.

Saif has now said that having two young boys in the house has been an experience.

On the change he has seen in Taimur, Saif said:

“There is definitely a change in Taimur, he was the younger one and now he isn’t anymore.

“He is interested in zombies and armies and he makes his brother laugh a lot and usually (with) loud things.

“I think we are going to have our hands full.

“I am quite frightened as to where the peace and quiet portion is going to go with two boys.”

Commotion or not, Saif went on to say that he has been enjoying family life, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic.

He continued: “The first lockdown was like that.

“We are luckily very sorted people. My family is quite balanced, we have lovely children here.

“We can cook and listen to music and read books and be okay like that also, but we much prefer our normal lives working, and balancing it ourselves.”

On whether the past few years have given him much-needed downtime with his family, Saif says:

“I don’t think I was over-worked to a point where I didn’t know what a holiday was like, and suddenly in the lockdown, I discovered what it was.

“I have always known. I would much rather not have a lockdown.

“But I mean if we look at the bright side, we got some amazing family.”

Saif Ali Khan recently went on a family holiday to the Maldives.

On the possibility of challenges, Saif added:

“The important distinction there is that we don’t really have to work, so we can afford to choose what we want to do, we have been doing it for a while now.”

He added that it is all about having balance.

“There comes a phase in life where you want more and want better and there is no end to that.

But there has to be a balance. We make sure that one of us is working less and one of us is working more.

“And we share responsibilities and make sure we get our holidays together.

“It also works because Kareena really wants to be married and have a home life as well as work.

“For both of us nothing is more important than spending time with kids and each other cooking and having what you call a family atmosphere but you need to balance that by going out there and proving something to yourself and world in terms of your work, then you are a happier person.”

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