Somy Ali claims Aryan Khan is being ‘Used’

Former actress Somy Ali has shown her support for Aryan Khan amid his ongoing case. She also claimed that he is being “used”.

Somy Ali claims Aryan Khan is being 'Used' f

"It is evident that the judicial system has solely one agenda"

Former actress Somy Ali has claimed that Aryan Khan is being “used” amid his arrest in a drug case.

She showed her solidarity with Aryan and called for the 23-year-old to be released.

Somy explained that as an activist, it is her duty to speak about such an issue.

She said: “As a human rights activist and the founder of an NGO, it is ingrained in me to never back down from helping anyone who is going through hell.

“And, right now this young man, Aryan and his parents are going through unfathomable circumstances.

“Therefore, if I can use my voice to raise awareness of the idiocy of what the law enforcement is displaying then why the hell not speak up?”

Aryan Khan and several others were arrested following a drugs raid on a cruise ship.

Drugs were seized, however, it was revealed that none were found in Aryan’s possession, though it is not known if he consumed any drugs.

Somy Ali did not see much of an issue, admitting that she had tried marijuana when she was 15-years-old.

In an Instagram post, she had said:

“I tried pot when I was 15 and then again with Divya Bharti during the shooting of Andolan. No regrets!”

Somy continued: “It’s just something teenagers and young adults try and some enjoy it while others opt-out. I realised it wasn’t for me

“As for what is and has been done to Aryan is pretty obvious.

“Shah Rukh is Bollywood’s number one star literally to an extent where David Letterman flew to India to expose the epitome of his success.

“It is evident that the judicial system has solely one agenda here and that is to prove to the public that we do not care that a young man is the son of very wealthy and famous parents.”

Somy went on to say that she believes Aryan is being unfairly “used”, while other crimes that happen on a daily basis go unnoticed.

The allegations against Aryan have received mixed views, with some saying he is innocent while others have accused him of abusing drugs.

On the matter, Somy added:

“I would reiterate that he is a young man and that’s what young men do.”

“Why are we making him sound like a monster?

“There are homeless people all over the city of Mumbai passed out on pavements under the influence of drugs, why aren’t the police going after them?

“Let me take a wild guess. Because they are not Shah Rukh and Gauri’s children.”

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