Naughty Boy beefs with Kadeena Cox over Oxtail

I’m a Celebrity’s Naughty Boy got caught up in another food row, clashing with Paralympian Kadeena Cox over the cooking of oxtail.

Naughty Boy beefs with Kadeena Cox over Oxtail f

"Kadeena please, I'm just working it out."

Naughty Boy rowed with Paralympian Kadeena Cox during mealtime on I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!

The show returned on November 30, 2021, after three days after it was forced off-air due to damage caused by Storm Arwen.

Hosts Ant and Dec returned, with Ant saying:

“Welcome to Wales. I can’t tell you how good it feels to say those words and be back.”

The episode saw Dame Arlene Phillips and Kadeena Cox win 10 stars in their trial, Bed Chamber of Chills.

Later, Louise Minchin and David Ginola took on the Castle Coin Challenge, winning apple pies for their campmates.

Naughty Boy had a quiet episode until it came to mealtime.

Thanks to Arlene and Kadeena, the camp had oxtail for dinner.

However, tensions quickly rose between Kadeena and the music producer.

As Kadeena let Naughty Boy take over the cooking, the Paralympian had a few pieces of advice on how to prepare it.

However, Naughty Boy snapped: “Kadeena please, I’m just working it out.”

Speaking to Snoochie Shy, Naughty Boy admitted that he had “never cut oxtail” before.

But he was annoyed at Kadeena for telling him what to do before he had even got the chance to try for himself.

Overhearing the conversation, Kadeena said:

“If he’s going to moan about it, just say it to me. I was just trying to help.”

Naughty Boy then responded: “The thing is, before I’ve even cut it, you’re telling me what to do.”

Kadeena said she was just letting him know that there was a bone that would be “hard to get through”.

She added: “I’m cool not helping, I was just like, whatever…”

After she walked away, Naughty Boy said he did not want to come across as rude.

In the Bush Telegraph, he said:

“I think Kadeena was a bit anxious because she’s used to being involved with the cooking.

“To begin with, I was a bit scared of the oxtail because its actually a tail and I always thought it was a metaphor but it is not.”

After David tried to help, Naughty Boy said:

“This is what they say about too many chefs in the kitchen.”

Despite the tension, the campmates enjoyed their dinner.

However, social media users were not happy with Naughty Boy’s reaction.

One person said: “Seems strange that he doesn’t know Kadeena won Celebrity Masterchef.

“He will wonder why he gets voted to do all the tasks lol.”

Another commented: “Watching Naughty Boy ‘cook’ the oxtail tonight p****d off the West Indian in me cos why was there no bone when we know some of the taste comes from the bone.

“Should’ve left Kadeena to speak her piece.”

A third said: “Naughty Boy was so rude, Kadeena was trying to help you ffs.”

At the end of the show, it was revealed that Naughty Boy was voted to compete in the next trial, called Savage Steakout.

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