Naughty Boy ‘Fakes Fear’ in Trial on I’m a Celebrity?

I’m a Celebrity saw Naughty Boy take on another Bushtucker trial, however, some people have accused him of faking his fear.

Naughty Boy 'Fakes Fear' on I'm a Celebrity f

"Look at Naughty Boy with his fake surprise face."

Naughty Boy has been accused of faking his fear after viewers noticed his behaviour during a trial on I’m a Celebrity.

The music producer took part in another Bushtucker trial alongside Simon Gregson and Adam Woodyatt.

In Savage Steakout, Naughty Boy was strapped into a metal contraption that had been divided into sections.

Meanwhile, Simon and Adam were asked general knowledge questions.

If they got the question right, Naughty Boy would have to spend 30 seconds with various critters as well as snakes, rats and scorpions.

But if they were wrong, they’d be covered in slime and feathers while their fellow campmate would have to endure 60 seconds.

Despite screaming in horror, Naughty Boy managed to win 11 stars.

But it led some viewers to believe that the music producer was faking his screams for the cameras, especially given that the creatures remained with him throughout the whole of the trial.

One person said: “Funny how he was suddenly okay with the crickets as soon as the timer was over. Fake.”

Another said: “Naughty Boy is so fake. He’s sat there panicking during the 30 seconds, when it’s up he’s like ‘phew omg’ but they’re still in there with him???”

A third commented: “Look at Naughty Boy with his fake surprise face. He knows what he is doing.”

One person asked: “Why is he only screaming during the times 30 seconds or minute but they’re in there the whole time and then shuts up. I’m baffled.”

However, others defended him.

One said: “The public love voting Naughty Boy for trials and it’s hilarious!”

Another Twitter user said:

“I’d love to see some of you guys under this hashtag do any of these trials and find it easy.

“Stop finding any excuse to attack Naughty Boy.”

Other viewers were baffled by the trial’s logic as the critters stayed on Naughty Boy’s body irrespective of the timer.

A person wrote: “This trial makes no sense.

“They’re counting the time Naughty Boy has to endure the insects but he still has to endure them AFTER the time is up??? Eh??”

Another criticised the challenge: “#ImACeleb what a silly trial!!

“After the 30 seconds the creatures are still there it makes no sense your time is up no, they are still on him!!!”

The end of the show left fans in hysterics as it was revealed that Naughty Boy was voted to do another trial.

Ant and Dec made the announcement after the songwriter earlier hoped the viewers would “show him mercy” and not vote for him.

He and Frankie Bridge will take part in Castle Scary-oke, where they will be down some disgusting drinks at the castle camp’s karaoke bar.

Dhiren is a journalism graduate with a passion for gaming, watching films and sports. He also enjoys cooking from time to time. His motto is to “Live life one day at a time.”

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