Rabi Pirzada quits Showbiz after Leak of Private Videos

Pakistani singer Rabi Pirzada has announced that she has quit the showbiz industry following the leak of her private videos.

Rabi Pirzada quits Showbiz after Leak of Private Videos f

"I, Rabi Pirzada, have decided to distance myself"

After several of her private videos were leaked, singer Rabi Pirzada has decided to quit the showbiz industry.

Her phone had been apparently hacked which led to the videos appearing online.

Shortly after, Rabi went to the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) to file a complaint. She has said that her data had been hacked.

Rabi explained that she had sold her mobile phone and that the videos were stolen from that phone. She also filed a complaint against the shop who she had sold it to.

The musician asked the FIA’s Cyber Crime department to take swift action against the person responsible for leaking her videos.

However, the leaked videos have taken a toll on the singer and she has now announced that she has left the showbiz industry.

Rabi Pirzada quits Showbiz after Leak of Private Videos - scenes

She took to Twitter to announce the news:

“I, Rabi Pirzada, have decided to distance myself from the showbiz industry.”

Rabi also asked for forgiveness and later posted an image saying: “I’m sorry for being me.”

The leaked videos went viral on social media and caused a lot of controversy.

While many called out Rabi Pirzada for making the videos, others came out in support of her and slammed the breach of her privacy.

It resulted in #RabiPirzada becoming the top trend in Pakistan, with social media users criticising the breach.

Karachi-based activist group Aurat Haq condemned the privacy violation as well as the abuse of trust in an intimate relationship.

Their statement read:

“We condemn the weaponising of a woman’s body against her for revenge porn.”

“While we’re on the subject let’s deconstruct why we shame women for their expression of sexuality.”

Internet activist Nighat Dad explained that people who are taking non-consensual intimate photos and videos and sharing them online are committing a crime under the Prevention of Electronic Crimes Act 2016.

She said: “Don’t be a silent bystander, report these tweets and do not forward this violence.”

Rabi Pirzada quits Showbiz after Leak of Private Videos - singer

A movement from the Netherlands came out in support of Rabi Pirzada under the hashtag #IamRabiPirzada.

Activist Fauzia Ilyas started the campaign and stated that the singer has the right to make her own decisions. She urged other supporters to post pictures of their own bodies to show solidarity.

She wrote on Facebook: “Dear folks, hope you’ll be doing good.

“We’re going to start a Facebook campaign in solidarity with a Pakistani singer, whose nudes had been leaked before two days.

“We’re taking our photos with the #IamRabiPirzada and posting them on Fb. Because Pakistani people are cursing her.

“I really want that you support this motion. That would be really great. You can post it on your own or send it to me. I can do it on your behalf.”

Many people posted pictures of their bodies, supporting the Pakistani singer.

However, Rabi’s decision to quit showbiz as a result of her private videos show the damning effect that the leaking of someone’s personal data can have.

Dhiren is a journalism graduate with a passion for gaming, watching films and sports. He also enjoys cooking from time to time. His motto is to “Live life one day at a time.”

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