Kumar Sanu on Technology’s Impact on the Music Industry

Indian playback singer Kumar Sanu has shared his thoughts on how the music industry has been impacted by advanced technology.

Kumar Sanu reacts to Amit Kumar's criticism of 'Indian Idol 12' f

"things are easy for today’s generation."

Indian playback singer Kumar Sanu has given his opinion on how technology has impacted the music industry.

With a career spanning more than three decades, Sanu has witnessed first-hand how the music industry has evolved.

According to him, the technical advancement seen in the music industry is good.

He also points out that, with the technology available now, navigating the industry is easier for today’s generation of musicians.

Speaking exclusively to ETimes, Kumar Sanu said:

“Technical advancement is always good. It is required.

“I remember the time when we used to record a song with 100 musicians.

“If I made a mistake, we would have to start from the beginning. And all the musicians had to perform once again.

“It was really tough and we all worked hard back then.

“Today, it is easy to rectify such things with the help of advanced technology.

“So, comparatively, things are easy for today’s generation. But it is good.”

While on the subject of using technology in the music industry, Kumar Sanu also shared his opinion on remixes.

Sanu said that remixes are good. However, he believes the original singer should lend their voice to the track if the makers still want it to be authentic.

Firstly, Kumar Sanu said: “Remix is good, it isn’t bad.”

He then added: “See, remix is good.

“But if the makers want to keep the original composition and essence, then they should let the original singer lend their voice.”

“That way, it will be good and also beneficial for the producers, just like the way it was done for ‘Main Toh Raste Se Ja Raha Tha’.”

On the work front, Kumar Sanu is due to judge the next part of the current season of Super Singer.

Music reality shows have produced some prominent musicians such as Arijit Singh and Neha Kakkar.

However, many singing reality shows are facing criticism for focusing more on entertainment than on the quality of the show.

When asked about this, Kumar Sanu said that the quality of reality shows has not changed.

Sanu said:

“I don’t feel, the quality is being compromised in any way in reality shows.”

“Earlier, the focus was on competition and the contestants had to sing songs.

“But today, they have to perform and take care of other things as well.

“Plus, they get a good support of technology, too.”

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