India’s Next Top Model in Shock Bottom Two

The eighth episode of India’s Next Top Model sees a shocking face-off between judge favourites, Aditi and Danielle. But who is sent home?

India’s Next Top Model in Shock Bottom Two

"This is probably your worst picture."

After Malvika’s dramatic exit last week, the eighth episode of India’s Next Top Model was destined to be eventful.

But for Aditi and Danielle fans, you may want to cover your eyes!

This week is disappointing for the two girls, as they fail to impress Lisa, Dabboo, and guest judge, Gautam Gulati.

With Lisa and Neeraj keeping a close eye on the contestants, the head judge explains the ins and outs of the girls’ main challenge:

“For today’s photoshoot, you’re going to be given a personality with a twist.”

The girls must pose with an assigned prop, whilst embodying a certain personality.

India’s Next Top Model in Shock Bottom Two

First up is Gloria, who must personify a ‘Red Carpet Diva’, whilst posing with a football.

Gloria feels confident with her shoot, stating: “Having Lisa in the studio that day was really helpful.”

Monica then takes to the stage with a briefcase in tow, and channels her inner Rekha Ji.

The 25 year-old impresses the judges, and walks away feeling positive. Unfortunately, for the rest of the girls, it is a different story.

Rushali is given a ‘Sportswoman’ brief, along with an umbrella, but ultimately makes no real impact on the judges.

Danielle also crumbles, and openly comments how she ‘lost it on that set’, leaving Lisa unable to hide her frustration towards her favourite contestant.

Aditi doesn’t do much better when she turns rockstar, posing with a vibrant bouquet of flowers.

But for the contestants who fare worse off in the main challenge, it is a different story for them at the Grazia headquarters.

India's Next Top Model

Neeraj Gaba joins Grazia Editor, Mehernaaz Dhondy, and Fashion director, Ekta Rajani, where they give the girls one-on-one interviews as to why they deserve a spread in the iconic publication.

The panel deliberate Danielle as their star girl, and invite her back to announce her winnings.

But things soon change back in the elimination room, where she and Aditi receive the most criticism.

Speaking of her rockstar look, Lisa is deflated by Aditi’s efforts, commenting:

“You had the best hair, you had the best makeup … but I somehow feel you let all of that go to waste. It was all too much.”

Not that she lets that get in the way of her chance to flirt with Gautam, and even asks if he’s single!

Rushali is also a fan of the heartthrob, but similarly fails to impress Lisa, who feels she could have been more imaginative.

Monica on the other hand receives great praise from the panel, which gives her the chance to shine.

The ‘Belle Danielle’ however, has contrasting feedback. Whilst Dabboo comments: “This is probably your worst picture,” Lisa can’t hold back her anger, and exclaims:

“We’re down to our last five and you come up with this?!”

India's Next Top Model in Shock Bottom TwoGloria soon changes the tone, and the judges award her with the ionic photo, sending her straight through to next week’s quarter-finals.

Monica and Rushali soon follow, leaving Aditi and Danielle in the bottom two.

With Danielle in tears, and Aditi visibly nervous, there is a nail-biting few minutes before Lisa reveals her final verdict!

Aditi draws the short straw and is sent packing, giving Danielle another week to prove why she should be India’s Next Top Model.

Can she hold it together and bring it back next week? How will the final four cope with the rising pressure?

Find out in the ninth episode of India’s Next Top Model, airing next Sunday at 7pm on MTV India.

Who will be eliminated in the Quarter-Finals of India's Next Top Model?

  • Monica Gill (36%)
  • Rushali Rai (32%)
  • Gloria Tep (17%)
  • Danielle Canute (15%)
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