Indian Love Triangle ends with Death of Husband & Wife’s Lover

Three people from Gujarat were caught up in a love triangle, however, it ended with the deaths of the woman’s husband and lover.

Indian Love Triangle ends with Death of Husband & Wife's Lover f

Yogesh eventually found out about his wife's cheating

A love triangle ended in tragedy after two men drowned in a lake. The incident happened in Olpad, Gujarat.

Officers launched an investigation after discovering the bodies of the two men.

It was revealed that they were murdered after having been involved in a love triangle.

Police believe that a woman named Khushboo was responsible. She allegedly pushed her husband Yogesh, aged 34, into the lake.

As he was falling, he grabbed her lover Tushar, resulting in both of the men falling into the lake and eventually drowning.

According to investigating officers, Khushboo had conspired to kill her husband with her lover.

She had tried to murder Yogesh in September 2019 using the same method but it was unsuccessful. Khushboo had lured her husband to the lake by claiming that they were picking up their daughter from her grandfather’s house.

However, her lover failed to reach the area on time.

But on October 21, 2019, Khushboo made another attempt which led to Yogesh’s death.

She managed to convince him to go to the lake with her where Tushar was waiting. Khushboo allegedly pushed her husband into the lake but he grabbed her lover and both of them fell in.

Khushboo and Yogesh Patel had been married for seven years and the couple have a three-year-old daughter.

The woman was a teacher at Lokmanya School in Rander. Despite being married, she came into contact with Tushar and the two began having an affair.

Yogesh eventually found out about his wife’s cheating and this led to frequent arguments between the two.

The rows caused Khushboo to seek a divorce from her husband. However, Yogesh refused as he considered what could happen to his daughter’s future should the separation go ahead.

Officers stated that after not been granted the divorce, Khushboo allegedly conspired with her lover to kill Yogesh.

Following the first failed attempt, Khushboo cycled with her husband to the lake after she claimed they were picking up their daughter.

At the lake, Tushar was waiting there. He tried pushing Yogesh into the lake while Khushboo assisted.

Khushboo allegedly came up with the murder plan as she knew Yogesh could not swim.

There was a struggle during the incident but Yogesh was eventually pushed in. But he grabbed onto Tushar as he was falling and the two men fell into the lake, eventually drowning.

Police officers have registered a case, however, they are still searching for the whereabouts of Khushboo.

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