Faisal Khan reveals being ‘Caged’ in Brother Aamir’s House

Faisal Khan has revealed that he was once “caged” in his brother Aamir Khan’s house. He also spoke about ‘Laal Singh Chaddha’.

Faisal Khan reveals being 'Caged' in Brother Aamir's House f

"I have been caged once in Aamir’s house."

Faisal Khan has recalled being caged in his brother Aamir Khan’s house and that he does not “intend to get caged again”.

Faisal had taken to Instagram where he posted a video, revealing that he rejected to be on the upcoming season of Bigg Boss.

He said: “Today is a happy day for me because I got two offers today.

“One was for Bigg Boss but I declined it. There was another offer for a TV serial. I am quite excited that people are thinking about me and considering me. I am happy.

“Please pray for me that I get some good work so I can try and entertain you all be it a web series or a film.”

When elaborating on the reason why he rejected Bigg Boss, Faisal spoke about an incident whilst living in Aamir‘s house.

“In Bigg Boss, everyone is pitted against each other, they fight, argue and then you’re also given tasks. They play with you mentally. I didn’t want to get trapped in that zone.

“They give you some money but by Allah’s grace I don’t need much money.

“So, I thought why should I get caged? Who likes being caged?

“Everyone likes a free life. That’s fun, you know.

“There’s no fun in being caged. I have been caged once in Aamir’s house. I don’t intend to get caged again. I want to live free and flow like water.”

On whether he and his brother are on speaking terms, Faisal said:

“Of course, I am on talking terms with him. We meet and greet each other on occasions but the thing is that he’s so busy in his life and I am struggling in my busy life.”

Faisal Khan also gave his opinion on Aamir’s Laal Singh Chaddha, admitting that his brother “should have selected a better script”.

Faisal said: “I watched it. Not immediately but I did watch it. I felt that the film was good in parts.

“I felt that Aamir should have selected a better script, especially because he was coming with a film after 4 years.

“I liked the film in parts, but not completely. With Aamir and other good actors you expect them to do too good work.

“They should blow your mind but that didn’t happen with Laal Singh Chaddha, unfortunately. It was not a wow film.”

Faisal Khan had previously fought a legal battle with his family over claims that he was mentally ill.

After the court’s verdict, Faisal said:

“Frankly, I was never ill… what has been said so far was speculative and spread by my elder brother Aamir Khan and other family members.

“In fact, I was kidnapped… I was under house arrest, unwanted drugs were given to me.

“On judgment day, judge saab announced that I’m not suffering from any illness and that I’m normal and capable of handling life on my own. I should be treated as a normal person.”

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