Full English Breakfast the Desi Way

The classic English breakfast is becoming increasingly popular in India. DESIblitz reveals how to re-create a Desi-style English breakfast to kickstart your day.

Full English Breakfast the Desi Way

The trend of the English breakfast is slowly catching on in India

The classic full English breakfast is a national favourite, reserved for weekends, bank holidays and special vacations.

A classic fry up consists of bacon, eggs and toast as well as sausages, mushrooms and tomatoes.

This mighty English breakfast is topped off with lashings of brown sauce, and washed down with a traditional cup of tea or a refreshing glass of orange juice.

The trend of the full English breakfast is slowly catching on in India.

In a large and diverse country like India, breakfasts differ from region to region. Therefore, there is no standard breakfast menu.

However, the variety of spices and flavours mean that a Desi version of the classic English breakfast can be effortlessly replicated.

DESIblitz brings you a Desi twist on this traditional British classic to spice up your mornings!

Indian Scrambled Eggs ~ Egg Bhurji


No English breakfast is complete without some king of eggs on the plate.

Egg Bhurji takes the conventional scrambled eggs and makes it exotic and fiery by tossing and frying together a host of Indian spices.

This dish is very popular in the northern regions of India and combines eggs with onions, tomatoes and spices for a protein rich breakfast.

Sprinkle this light bite with a little cheese for a more indulgent and filling breakfast.

To try this quick and easy to make your morning a delight, follow the recipe here.

Buttered Toast ~ Buttered Roti


A slice or two of toast is the perfect side to dunk in your beans or to load up with eggs and bacon.

However, roti is the ideal Indian accompaniment for a Desi style English breakfast.

No Indian meal is complete without the wonderful, fibre rich breads that accompany them.

Made from wholemeal flour, roti is the most popular side to complement South Asian cooking and can be eaten with any meal during the day.

Swap your slice of toast for a wholesome and authentic roti for your ideal Desi English breakfast side.

Hash Brown ~ Jeera Aloo


Hash browns. These pan fried, rectangular shaped patties are everyone’s favourite on the breakfast plate.

But for a crisp, brown and buttery potato breakfast alternative with a kick, Jeera Aloo is a perfect Indian style hash brown with a twist.

The starchy element of this Desi breakfast are boiled potatos, crushed and tossed in simple spices and seasoned in roasted cumin seeds.

Jeera aloo is the perfect replacement for the light, and fluffy hash browns, with the earthy and sightly nutty flavour of jeera.

This spicy side is a real treat for all potato lovers. Try this delicious but simple dish by following the recipe here.

Baked Beans ~ Channa Masala


Deliciously rich in tomato sauce, baked beans and toast is a classic combination in Britain.

But the Desi adaptation in this menu isn’t your classic can of beans.

The Punjabi style channa masala is a delicious blend of chickpeas, tomato, spices and coconut milk.

The soft chickepeas, tangy tomato sauce and warm blend of spices make this a must for a Desi breakfast.

To make this dish more filling, throw in some chopped spinach for more richness and nutrition.

Best enjoyed when scooped up with a hot roti, channa masala is a healthy and wholesome curry to be enjoyed at any time of the day.

Give this classic recipe a go, by checking out the recipe link here.

Fried Mushrooms ~ Kombu Barthad


A great British fry up deserves fried mushrooms on the side to make it complete.

Although mushrooms arn’t the most popular ingredient in India, this breakfast delicacy is an exotic Desi alternative to the lightly fried breakfast accompaniment.

Kombu barthad is very quick to make with minimal ingredients, yet an absolute delight for your tastebuds.

All the dish is, is spicy mushrooms stir-fry cooked with chillies, curry leaves and coconut vinegar and a soft sprinkle of masala.

This simple breakfast side is enjoyed by people in and Karnataka.

Wake up to a protein packed breakfast of Kombu barthad by following the recipe here.

Sausages and Bacon ~ Paneer Tikka


Rashers of crispy bacon and thick sausages may seem quintessential for an English style breakfast, but not when there is a more delicious and flavorsome meat substitute for a Desi style morning meal.

Soft and chewy paneer is the veggie alternative to the most dense and filling part of the breakfast.

Paneer Tikka is a lightly grilled cottage cheese cubes in marinated spices and the most preferred meat alternative with meaty texture.

Tasty, mouthwatering, spicy paneer tikka is a delightful dish that vegetarians and meat eaters alike can enjoy.

Layer on tomatoes, peppers and onions for more flavour and depth to this paneer kebab.

Try creating your own paneer tikka, the way you like it, or follow this recipe here.

English Tea ~ Masala Chai

Desi Chai vs English Tea ~ The Better Brew

There is no better way to wash down your satisfying breakfast than with a delicious, hot cuppa.

Intensify the flavour of your cup of tea by making it a masala chai.

But adding a few aromatic Indian spices and herbs to this beverage give you a warm taste of India to finish off your desi-English breakfast.

To drink it the Desi way, you can even drink your chai from the saucer itself.

Try this ultimate Desi hot beverage here.

Above are some great tips on how to transform your classic full English breakfast into a Desi feast! Be sure to start your morning the right way, with the most important meal of the day.

Gayatri, a Journalism and Media graduate is a foodie with an interest in books, music and films. She is a travel bug, enjoys learning about new cultures and lives by the motto “Be blissful, gentle and fearless.”

Images courtesy of Kali Mirch, Shaan-e-Awaadh,

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