The Desi Rascals are full of Surprises

The seventh episode of Desi Rascals was full of surprises. Some were pleased, and some were very clearly not. DESIblitz has more.

Desi Rascals Episode 7 Surprises

“I do not let girls in. I find it very hard to trust people."

The latest instalment of Desi Rascals sees Auntie Ansa setting up son Owais on a date.

But with Rita still on his mind, Owais struggles to impress Sidra.

Mo and Manoj spend some quality time together in the gym and all is not well in the Vara household, as Shreena’s wish to move out displeases Anita.

Owais Loses Bet with Rita

Desi Rascals Owais surpriseRita assures Adam that there’s nothing untoward happening with Owais. She says: “They can look but they can’t touch.”

On this occasion, Owais has Rita doing a park run. Owais challenges Rita to hold the plank. Rita warns: “Don’t underestimate me!”

But Owais does just that, and loses the challenge. So what will Owais’ forfeit be?

Rita invites a host of her friends, including Nathalie, Shreena, and Kavita to a Desi girly night out. The festivities are interrupted by the surprise appearance of a topless butler: Owais.

Kavita feels the urge to take a picture and send it to Shmoyel who is on a night out with the rest of the play-by-play commentary team.

Shmoyel and Mo (aka Bant and Dec) are in hysterics. But the moral centre, Anj, has a more serious tone: “I feel sorry for Adam.”

Auntie Ansa arranges a date for Owais

Desi Rascals Owais Sidra dateMummy Khan offers to arrange a date for Owais. But he opens up about his past in a way that we have never seen before:

“I do not let girls in. I find it very hard to trust people,” he admits.

He sheds tears as he remembers his childhood ordeals, but Mrs Khan has wise words for her son: “It’s the worst experiences that teach you the best lessons.”

“As long as her name does not start with a ‘V’ or an ‘S’,” he insists.

But the lady in wait is Sidra, who is beautiful, intelligent, and eloquent. The date gets off to a great start and they seem to be on a similar wavelength.

However, a text from Rita interrupts the ambience and Sidra is not impressed. Owais says: “It’s one of my clients that I train.” To which Sidra responds: “I put my phone on silent.”

Owais’ attempts to explain his way out of this one are not convincing. And it probably becomes clear to Sidra that she is not the only one that Owais has eyes for.

A Surprise for Uncle Nuss at Pure Muscles

Desi Rascals Nuss mural Pure Muscles GymMo and Anj Baig are excited to unveil a surprise to Uncle Nuss.

Ushering him into the Pure Muscles Gym he is welcomed by a huge artistic mural of Uncle Nuss on the wall of the gym.

What is incredible is that mural has managed to make Nuss look bigger than he already is in real life!

Uncle Nuss was the first Asian bodybuilder to compete in the UK. For his nephews Mo and Anj, he is the Pakistani Arnold Schwarzenegger, and they dub him ‘Starny Arnie’.

Joses train Dad at the PMG

Desi Rascals Mo Manoj Jo Pure Muscles GymManoj feels it’s time that he headed to the gym to get into shape.

Jo warns Manoj beforehand: “You are not going to embarrass me, are you?”

Mo tries his best to put Manoj at ease: “You are Dad so I will go easy on you.”

Moses and Jo resolve to train Manoj together under their new guise of ‘Joses’. (What happened to #MoJo?)

With the Uncle Nuss mural watching over him, Manoj struggles through his work out with the badminton days of his youth seeming like ancient history.

When an exhausted Manoj gets back home, his cries for a cuppa fall on deaf ears. Celia then changes her tune and says: “I’ll give you a rub down later.”

Charlotte charmed by Sunjay

Desi Rascals Sunjay CharlotteIn the last episode, Sunjay’s ineptitude left Charlotte in tears. But in a surprising turnaround, they seem to have made up.

She arrives at the Vara Technik Garage to find that Sanj has converted it into a drive-in cinema.

The couple watch Charlotte’s favourite film, East is East, from a modified car decorated with romantic lights.

With a gleaming smile on her face, Charlotte says to Sunjay:

“This is the nicest thing that anyone has ever done. Do I have the best boyfriend in the world? Yes I do.”

Queen of the Castle Vs Duchess of the Manor

Desi Rascals Anita Jay VaraPraks and Shreena visit the beauty parlour for massages. But Shreena is not able to relax.

She urges Praks that they need to speak to his parents about moving out: “We need to be our own family.”

The frank discussion which Shreena and Praks spring on Anita and Jay is a surprise. But not the type that they would be hoping for. Even though Jay is understanding, Anita’s smile fails to conceal her upset.

Anita says that Shreena controls the young couple’s affairs. Shreena retorts: “I’m not going to be the Queen of the Castle. I’m the Duchess of the Manor.”

Praks, who is caught in the middle, attempts to diffuse the tension: “There’s a house two doors down for sale.” Shreena immediately vetoes this: “It’s not happening.”

A devastated Anita has the final word: “It’s a good idea that you move out. But you won’t be coming back. That’s for sure.”

The plot is thickening and the drama is heating up. Excited to see what will happen next? Catch the next episode of Desi Rascals on Friday 13th February 2015, at 8pm on Sky Living.

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