Pakistani Clown surprises all with His Voice & Songs

In a video that has gone viral, a Pakistani clown began singing, surprising everyone with his singing voice.

Pakistani Clown surprises all with His Voice & Songs f

"it sounds better than the original."

A Pakistani clown surprised everyone with his voice when he started singing.

In a video, YouTuber Ahmed Khan talks to the clown on the side of a busy road.

The clown is believed to be named Arif Khan, a resident of Karachi.

Arif reveals that although he is a children’s entertainer, he wants to be a singer.

Ahmed initially does not take his answer seriously, briefly laughing. He then asks Arif to sing.

Arif then begins to sing his rendition of ‘Abhi Mujh Mein Kahin’, originally sung by Sonu Nigam for the film Agneepath.

His singing is powerful and full of emotion, surprising Ahmed, who praises his voice.

As busy traffic continues to pass by, the Pakistani clown sings another track, earning further praise.

The YouTuber says he has a lot of talent before asking Arif to sing another song.

The video went viral and was shared on social media. One user identified the clown as Arif Khan and wrote:

“Sometimes when you hear something and it sounds better than the original.”

In another post, the social media user posted Arif’s phone number in the hope that someone recognises his singing talents and calls him.

The post read: “You all, this Arif bhai’s number.

“Anyone wants to help out, please contact him. Anyone wants him for programs he is available.”

Many netizens praised Arif’s singing and called for those who can help him pursue a singing career to get in contact with him.

One user said: “Please find a way so we can help him not in a condescending manner.

“Ask him, maybe he wants to pursue his singing career and we can pool money and resources.

“Arif bhai, you’re a gem. Respect and respect for you only.”

Another said: “Goosebumps, what a voice. I don’t know about Sur but I definitely judge that he can sing and should sing in Coke Studio.”

Others noted that the clown seemed sad.

One comment read: “He is looking sad from deep inside but still, he tries to make others happy.”

Another person wrote: “His face felt sad. He was sad about his situation still he was respectful.

“Truly felt his voice. Love to see such people who work hard for their families keeping aside their dreams. I wish he gets what he dreamt and deserves.”

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