Deana Uppal takes over Bollywood

British starlet and former Big Brother contestant, Deana Uppal has signed her third Bollywood film, Life Non Veg. DESIblitz caught up exclusively with the model turned actress to chat a little more about her new life in B-Town.

Deana Uppal

The British babe will also be shooting an item song for the film as well.

24- year-old former Big Brother star, Deana Uppal is set to star in her third Bollywood film, Life Non Veg, playing the role of a happy go lucky girl in the upcoming comedy.

Deana originally from Walsall, UK began pursuing a career in modelling at the age of 16. Most famous for being a contestant on Big Brother in 2012, once she left the house her prospects broadened, which soon led to her signing many Bollywood movie deals.

Not only are acting and modelling her forte, but Deana has also dipped her feet in to the world of hosting. She has hosted an array of competitions, such as Miss Asian Model 2013 where she guest judges.

Undoubtedly beautiful, Deana hasn’t given up modelling, and still models for print publications like Asiana Wedding Magazine.

Deana UppalIn her upcoming film, Deana plays the role of Sweetie, a light-hearted and bubbly girl who is often falling into peril. The star jetted off to the Pink City of Jaipur, India, earlier in the month to begin filming her new film Life Non Veg. Deana says:

“I have been mega busy since leaving the house, not that I am complaining as I feel very blessed with the many opportunities that have arisen both in the UK and India.”

“In my second film, Life Non Veg, I play a character called Sweetie. Sweetie is an Indian girl that loves life, very cheeky and light-hearted. She also has a few boyfriends and causes trouble wherever she goes! I worked alongside Vindu Dara Singh who plays the villain in the film.”

“It was nice working with an actor with so much experience as he gave me tips and advice on how to improve my own acting. Vindu is a winner of Bigg Boss and has acted in over 100 films.”

Vindu Dara Singh will be playing the main villain in the movie. Singh won series three of Bigg Boss back in 2009. Alongside him in the house was co-star Siddharth Bhardwaj. A common ground can be seen between the actors—it is a Bigg Boss reunion.

He describes his role as: “A funny role, it’s ulta pulta. Zindagi jab aapko itna pulta kar detta hai, so why not do a role like this!”

Deana Uppal A newfound friendship can be seen blooming between the co-stars, Siddharth Bhardwaj and Deana Uppal. Deana posted a picture on her Facebook page of the two hanging out together: “He came third in Bigg Boss I came 3rd in Big Brother. Wehey!”

Bhardwaj is also known for winning MTV Splitsvilla 2, a popular dating reality show on MTV India. Also appearing in the film, are Akbar Khan, Pari and Gaurav Gaur.

Life Non Veg is directed by Yogesh Mishra and produced by Satish Sharma and Mukesh Modi, who describes the upcoming film as a ‘situational comedy’, and said: “We all have non-veg moments in life, people misunderstand you or have double meanings in what they say.”

The poster for the movie features all the actors’ faces on a tandoor stick, hinting at a slapstick comedy.

DESIblitz were lucky enough to speak to Deana Uppal about her rising career in Bollywood, and the star seemed more than excited about her expanding opportunities in India:

“I feel I am very lucky to have got the roles in the films that I have got as being a new actress in India is very difficult. There are thousands of girls living in Mumbai from both India and outside of India trying to get a break and realistically not even 15 percent will get a good break.”

“Previously I lived in Mumbai for two years and in them two years I built good relationships with people in the industry, on top of this I improved my Hindi diction and attended Bollywood dance classes so it was only after a lot of hard work I received film work,” Deana adds.

Deana Uppal Life Non Veg

“I have shot two films earlier this year and this is my third. All of which I am really excited about. I have had an amazing time over here working with a number of fantastic directors and talented actors that I learned a great deal off.”

“Each of the films are very different in there genres and I play characters that are very different from the next, so it will give the public a chance to see me in a different light,” Deana adds.

“In one of the films, that I have just shot, I play quite a seductive role, so it will be interesting to see the reaction that I receive from the film. She was a fun character to play! Very much out of my comfort zone but gave me a chance to further my acting abilities.”

The film was shot predominantly in Jaipur with some scenes in Thailand. The British babe will be shooting an item song for the film as well which fans can look forward to. The former Miss India UK made her first video appearance in ‘Naino Wali Whiskey’ for the film Sahi Dhandhe Galat Bande (2011).

Deana has clearly had her hands full this year with three big films on her shoulders. In addition to Life Non Veg, Deana has signed a few more films and also has some more exciting projects in the pipeline.

This UK born star is definitely making a name for herself in the Bollywood industry. Deana’s upcoming film Life Non Veg is set to be released in 2014.

Yasmeen is an aspiring fashion designer. Aside from writing and fashion she enjoys travel, culture, reading and drawing. Her motto is: "Everything has beauty."

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