Best Nail Polish Trends of 2013

When it comes to accessorising, most women can’t get enough of painted nails. Brightly coloured tips are a hot trend, but funky nail art designs are also hugely popular. We look at some of the best nail polish brands out there.

Nail Polish

The biggest trend for fingernails this winter season is nail art.

Beautifully painted nails can be the perfect finishing touch to any glamorous outfit. For many women, the right nails are just as important as the right bag or shoes.

But with millions of different nail polish brands on the shelves, it can be tough to figure out which ones will give you that salon look for a high street price tag.

DESIblitz looks at the best brands on the market that will leave your nails looking like the celebrities.

Barry M

Barry M Nail Polish

Over the past few years Barry M nail polishes have become a consumer favourite, but what makes Barry M so great to use?

Barry M have over 50 different colours to choose from, so whether you want your nails to reflect a sunny summers day or a dark winters night, there is a colour to suit your mood.

The hottest finger fashion trend throughout 2013 is a 3D nail effect and Barry M is not short of amazing effects for you to choose from.

  • ‘The chameleon colour’ effects give you two toned prints on your nails, so when you’re struggling to decide between two colours – have both!
  • ‘Magnetic nail effect’ gives you an unpredictable print on your nail, using a magnet. The amazing thing about this new technology is that the magnets between bottles are interchangeable so you can get the print you want with the colours you want!
  • The ‘high shine gelly nail’ is a much-desired nail effect which Barry M provides on a cheaper scale. For a thick and bright colour that does not chip, gelly nails are the perfect polish.
  • Want a party on your nails? The ‘confetti nail effect’ is an explosion of colourful confetti pieces, which are long lasting and add a 3D effect to any nail colour.

Fan of Barry M, Nikkita Beghi, says: “I love Barry M, it’s really fun and playful! I think it’s one of the better brands because the varnishes are thick and chip less easily.”

Nazneen Mahmood showed her loyalty for Barry M by saying: “I swear by Barry M. The colours are fab, it doesn’t chip and it’s very reasonably priced. Also, the crackle effect nail varnish is the best!”

With a pleasant price tag of £3.99 for colours and effects, Barry M is a reliable polish, which gives you many options for funky nails but at a cheaper price.


OPI Nail Polish

Famous for being the couture of salon nail brands, OPI is a long lasting and reliable brand of polish.

If you are looking for a polish to last you over a week, OPI provides a thick but smooth coat from one stroke. With over 10 different polish ranges, there is a colour for any mood or occasion. The ‘Skyfall’ themed collection has beautiful gunmetal greys and shimmering gold’s inspired by the suave classiness of James Bond.

The ‘Couture de Minnie’ range features different shades of pinks with catchy names such as ‘Chic from ears to tail’ and ‘Innie minnie mighty bow’.

Chloe Cuts, 19 from Bedworth says: “My favourite is the ‘Chic from ears to tail’ which is a bubblegum type pink with an overlay of Minnie style (a chunky polka dot glitter). They also have a great OZ range with beautiful pale colours, I love ‘Glints of Glinda’ which looks great with a tan!”

OPI has the best range for glitter nail varnishes which can last for a long time: “It’s a tad bit more expensive compared to Barry M, but it’s worth it,” says Sinead Harris, a Birmingham self-confessed beauty artist.

Averaging out at around £11.50 for a bottle, it is more of a luxurious polish, but if you are looking to treat yourself – this is the polish for you!


Essie Nail Polish

The famous American salon brand, Essie has become a UK favourite with their sleek bright colours and outstanding 3D effects.

From a ‘croc’ green lacquer to a shimmering metallic manicure, Essie has a polish for each nail trend.

Their latest collection ‘I like to be ahead of the fall trends, just for the twill of it’ features textile inspired colours of deeper browns and green/grays which complement the outdoors wintery weather.

What makes Essie’s effects different from all other brands is their ‘My sleek sticks nail chic style’, which is a handcrafted nail design on a stick-on acrylic to add the ultimate 3D effect.

You can become the nail artist with these sleek stick-ons by choosing the length, shape and nail design. Peach studded nails and crimson beads make the perfect statement nail, even if it’s applied to only selected nails.

Yasmin Kilby, a nail varnish enthusiast, states: “I just love all the fabulous colours and the textured glossy look is brilliant! They are easy to apply and longer lasting than cheaper brands! I am loving Essie’s hot ‘Neon 2013’ range too!”

Ranging between £8-£10 for the plain and effects polish, it is much more of an upmarket brand. But with a long lasting shimmer guaranteed and the option of the salon nail art at home, it’s definitely worth it!


MUA Nail Polish

Always one to keep up with the trends, MUA offers a professional look for a friendly price! The fur-effect nail is the latest dazzling effect to hit the stores, which offers a fluffy crystalised look to the nails.

MUA’s ‘nail quake’ varnish leaves an earth shattering crackled effect and with a different effect promised if you do a thin or thick coat, its guaranteed to give you show-stopping nails. Zoyah Shabir, 24, says:

“I love being able to experiment with different nail effects so MUA offers a cheap way of trailing lots of colours and effects. The mystical glitter nail varnishes leave a nice shine to the nail and doesn’t come off easily either!”

On the lower end of the price spectrum, MUA polishes only cost an amazing £2-£3. Although they do not have the largest collection of base colours, their effects make up for it.

These four favourite nail brands offer crazy colours and funky effects at an assortment of prices to suit everyone. DESIblitz love a playful nail this winter, so explore all the wonderful polishes these brands have to offer!

The biggest trend for fingernails this winter season is nail art. You can purchase Nail pens from Models Own with duo applicators to help create intricate nail art.

With a kaleidoscope of colours to choose from, it’s easy to use your nails as a canvas! Stick on nail art with floral prints, monochromatic zig zags and a variety of shapes to suit everyone, it’s easy to make a statement with your nails!

Huma is a Media student with a passion for writing anything fashion, beauty and lifestyle related. Being a bookworm, her motto in life is: "If you only read what everyone else is reading, you can only think what everyone else is thinking."

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