Best Beauty Buys for the Body

From high street beauty care to high end beauty brands; with over thousands of beauty products on the market today do you use the best products for your body? DESIblitz has a look at some of the best beauty buys.

Best Beauty Buys

These products are easily accessible, not overly priced, and will definitely last a long time.

Maintaining a regular body care regime is just as necessary as caring for you face and hair on a daily basis.

It is very important to know what the best product for your body is. Buying every product available would be the worse way to go about it, as well as it being bad for your skin, your pockets will feel the agony too.

So DESIblitz have complied some of the top beauty buys for your body voted by the consumers, often used by the celebrities and backed with expert reviews.

Best Body Moisturiser

Kiehl’s Creme de Corps – £44

Body MoisturiserKiehl’s Creme de Corps is a deluxe moisturiser and a fantastic beauty buy in the Kiehl line. Heavenly rich and textured, Kiehl’s moisturising body cream is a classical beauty hit.

With a non-greasy formula, intense nourishment and a beautifully soft supple touch, Kiehl’s body moisturiser promises to give you skin so soft in just ten days!

Make-up expert Siobhan Luckie, loves its nourishing formula and has even applied it to the likes of David Beckham!

Kiehl’s All-Over Body Moisturiser is packed with the finest ingredients known to Kiehl’s for a gorgeous skin feel. To use, coat a generous amount to damp skin and let it sink in to do the job.

Top Anti-Ageing Formula

Sisley Anti-Age – £92.50

Anti-Ageing Formula

A non-surgical miracle formula, Sisley’s anti-ageing cream is worth the price tag.

It is a comprehensive age defence cream that works simultaneously to battle ageing, helping to prevent the occurrence of age spots, whilst nourishing, protecting and reviving youthful skin texture.

Sisley’s anti-ageing cream is not only a beauty success but an alternative to costly ageing treatments and a great quick fix trick. It is an amazing anti-ageing beauty buy admired by the celebrities and praised by the experts:

“This is a permanent fixture in my kit. It’s light, absorbs quickly, isn’t sticky and smells divine,” says Marian Newman, nail guru to Lady Gaga, Cate Blanchett and Sienna Miller. To use, apply morning and night to skin after cleansing.

Best Foot Cream

L’Occitane Foot Cream – £18.50

Foot Cream

An utterly soothing and relieving foot care cream with ultra rich nourishments. L’Occitane’s foot cream includes shea butter to soften skin, essential oils to help purify skin, and great anti-inflammatory arnica extracts.

This foot cream instantly calms the redness and chills the irritation, and is an ideal beauty buy for working feet:

“This foot cream is rich, creamy and smells fantastic,” says nail artist Glenis Baptiste, whose A-list clients include Cheryl Cole, Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell:

“It contains Shea butter to soften hard skin and lavender to relax tired feet,” she adds.

To use, massage into the skin after cleansing then wear a comfy pair of socks to lock in the moisture. L’Occitane foot cream was also voted the best foot care cream for InStyle Best Beauty Buys for 2011 and 2012.

Best Body Brush

Elemis Body Brush – £20

Body Brush

Elemis body brush is an award winning beauty tool, an exciting cleansing beauty buy that is the perfect component for bath time.

It intensifies the skin’s tone and texture for a glowing finish, this beauty tool is a natural way to detox, exfoliate and cleanse the body.

Regular use helps encourage growth and removes dead skin cells preventing unwanted ingrowing hairs.

Elemis body brush conditions the skin and helps absorb moisture after use. It’s even believed to boost your immunity during the bleak midwinter.

To use, gently circulate over the skin after applying your favourite cleanser. It is recommended to use a couple of times a week. The body brush is the winner of a coveted spot in InStyle’s Beauty Hall of Fame.

Best Hair Removal Product

Veet Hair Removal Wax – £10.99

Body Wax

With over hundreds of hair removal products Veet’s warm wax ticks all the boxes.

It’s not just a fantastic hair removal product, it delivers more by giving less pain, the fragrance of the wax helps to stimulate your sense and leaves your skin super moisturised.

Veet Warm Wax has a soft and gentle touch on the skin due to the natural ingredients such as the green tea extracts. Hair is extracted from the roots and results last up to four weeks.

To use, warm Veet wax and test the a small amount on your hand to determine a suitable temperature of use.

Apply in the direction of hair growth, then apply the provided cotton strips on top, put pressure on the strip then pull the strip off in the opposite direction of the hair growth. It is suitable for legs, arms, underarms, bikini line, and face such as upper lip.

Best Beauty Soap

Dove White Beauty Bar

Beauty Soap

A classic beauty buy! This soap bar is utterly rich in moisture and soft on the skin, Dove beauty bar is perfect for a cleaner nourished skin texture.

It has been reviewed to be better than any other beauty bar soaps available on the market.

Daily moisture is the key to a beautiful body, and with a variety of different delightful fragrances, Dove surely has something to please to everyone:

“It’s a life saver in the winter. It hydrates and moisturises even the most dry and sensitive skin,” says Boston dermatologist Ramsey Alsarraf.

To use, apply to wet skin, gently rub and rinse with warm water. Dove Beauty Bar has won InStyle Best Beauty Soap 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, and 2008.

Most of these products have been on the market for many years and time has definitely proven the quality of these products. So there’s no need to splurge out on ultra-contemporary surgical procedures, or to book a regular slot with your salon.

These products are easily accessible, not overly priced, and will definitely last a long time. Therefore when it comes to taking care of your body, don’t be afraid to test out these products as they have been voted some of the best beauty buys for your body.

Remember it’s not just about how long or how often you use something, it’s about the quality of the product and how much it cares for your body.

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If you suffer from any health conditions it is best to consult your Doctor or GP before trying any of the treatments mentioned.