Bazal Mushtaq collaborates with Nandini Sharma for ‘Saansein’

Bazal Mushtaq, the son of former cricketer Mushtaq Ahmed, has collaborated with Indian singer on the track ‘Saansein’.

Bazal Mushtaq collaborates with Nandini Sharma for 'Saansein f

“You stand out as an individual performer.”

Pakistani singer Bazal Mushtaq has collaborated with Indian musician Nandni Sharma to release ‘Saansein’.

The track was released by the music company Playback Records and is said to be a captivating song which enables its listeners to embark on a journey of love, emotions and personal reflections.

The son of former Pakistani cricketer Mushtaq Ahmed, Bazal and Nandni have left a lasting impression on music lovers.

‘Saansein’ was written by Mehran Shah while Atif Ali worked on the composition.

Fadi Khan directed the music video and Aly Doshambe is behind the production.

Since being released on YouTube, ‘Saansein’ has received a barrage of positive reviews from the likes of music fans and critics alike.

The song has been appreciated for its silky vocals, stunning harmony and its touching lyrics.

Coming together for this duet, Bazal and Nandni have been declared a match made in music heaven, which has left an everlasting mark in the world of music.

One fan wrote: “Literally got goosebumps on listening to this masterpiece on headphones. Listening on repeat.”

Another said: “WOWW! Everything is just top-notch. Beautiful lyrics.”

A third commented: “Wow dynamics, fresh composition, modern production, crisp mix, lovely video. Great work guys.”

A user said: “Great passion and talent throughout. You convey emotion well.”

Praising Bazal Mushtaq, one fan said:

“You stand out as an individual performer.”

A person said: “Lyrics of this song are so deep.”

Observing the music video is a visionary enchantment that perfectly compliments the alluring melody, adding range to the art of storytelling, gripping listeners and connecting them to the song.

The music video is a simple yet engaging production, complete with mood lighting, clean edits and celebrating the union of two soulful voices breathing life into the narration of the meaningful piece.

In a recent interview, Bazal Mushtaq was asked why he chose not to follow in his father’s cricketing footsteps. He replied:

“I don’t think you can choose these things. I have grown up around cricket and I was never interested in it.”

“Growing up I watched a lot of movies and have always been a fan of music. When I was old enough to realise what I wanted to do, I knew it was music.”

Bazal admitted that he was a little conflicted about his choice of career but stated that his father was very proud and supportive of his achievements.

Fans are now patiently waiting for Bazal’s next release and he is assumed to make a lasting impression on the music world with his talent and dedication.

Listen to ‘Saansein’


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