Arambol Beach: An Authentic Slice of Goa

Unwind in one of the most peaceful and picturesque beaches in Goa. Travel enthusiast Nafisa Lokhandwala shares with us the beauty of Arambol Beach in her stunning photography.

Arambol Beach: An Authentic Part of Goa

Arambol boasts one of the most magnificent sunsets in Goa

The picturesque beaches of Goa and the warm reception of its inhabitants make it one of the most popular holiday destinations in the world.

In particular, Arambol Beach offers beautiful sunshine even in the winter months, making it a popular getaway between November and March.

Dubbed as one of the best beaches in North Goa, the stunning locale offering so much in the way of culture, warm weather and delectable food.

Talented travel photographer, Nafisa Lokhandwala, shares with DESiblitz the wonder of Goa’s Arambol beach, through her stunning images.

An Authentic Taste of Goan Culture

What makes Arambol Beach particularly attractive is its authentic appeal.

The white sandy beach is part of the traditional fishing village of Arambol. Nafisa tells DESIblitz that this charming spot remains largely “unexploited by tourists and commercialisation”.

One can explore the local village and walk along the stunning beaches and inhale the culture of Goa in its truest form.

It’s also an ideal location for those staying on a budget, and there are a number of hotels dotted along the beach including a 4-star resort named Lotus Sutra.

With easy access to the beachfront, visitors can enjoy the best views of North Goa.

Nafisa adds:

“The beaches are packed with shacks, cafes and restaurants which serve the most delectable seafood and other variety of cuisines.

“Most restaurants stock beer and serve cocktails.”

Aside from the must-try seafood, Arambol also offers much in the way of market stalls and street vendors:

“The streets are lined with vendors who sell leather bags, sandals, jewellery, psy/boho clothing. Tattoo shops have mushroomed around the entire area,” Nafisa says.

Sunset Walks along Arambol Beach

Arambol boasts one of the most magnificent sunsets in Goa. Visitors can witness the stunning blend of orange, yellow and purple reflecting on the water as the 30-plus degrees heat lessens with the setting sun.

You can even spend the humid evening walking across the sandy stretch and enjoy the cool water splashing against your feet. Of course, much of the beach life awakens at this time. 

With an almost bohemian quality that one can expect from the former Portuguese colony, tourists can enjoy live music each day and night.

Mixed in with the bustling restaurants and street vendors are the local fishermen. Experts at catching the most delicious seafood in the early hours of the morning, it is easy to soak in the day-to-day of Goan life at Arambol.

Tranquil Beauty and a Peaceful Escape

What sets Arambol apart from other Goan beaches is its incredible tranquillity. The long stretch of sand makes sunset walks that much more magical, and one can easily get lost gazing into the expansive views of the Arabian Sea.

Interestingly, just off the main sands of Arambol is a smaller beach that encompasses a freshwater lake, known by locals as Sweet Water Lake.

This small stretch of paradise is surrounded by coconut groves and green hills that form part of the Goan jungle. A mix of seawater and fresh water, the lake originates from natural hot springs.

Featuring a treasured Banyan tree, the lake invites many visitors wishing to meditate and do yoga, particularly with the healing properties found in the nearby clay. It’s a perfect spot to de-stress and relax both your mind and body.

Arambol and its surroundings boast of stunning scenery and a relaxing vacation for those wishing to experience the best of Goan culture.

While the beach is developed enough for tourists to come and stay for lengthy periods, unlike other parts of the Indian coastline, Arambol retains much of its authentic culture and lifestyle.

Glance through more of Nafisa’s photographs taken at Arambol beach in our gallery below:

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Images courtesy of Nafisa Lokhandwala.

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