21 Minutes of Daily Exercise could Increase Life Expectancy

A new study reveals that 21 minutes of daily exercise, including everyday tasks, could boost your life expectancy by 3 years.

21 Minutes of Daily Exercise could Increase Life Expectancy

They found the 21 minutes of daily exercise needed can include everyday tasks.

We all know the obvious health benefits that exercise can bring. But now, a new study has revealed that 21 minutes of daily exercise could actually increase your life expectancy by more than 3 years!

The study, conducted by VitalityHealth, analysed the activity levels of 6,600 people. Taking place over 12 months, they explored the potential benefits of increased exercise.

Participants increased their activity levels to 150 minutes per week. Breaking this down, they would complete 21 minutes of daily exercise. With this rise in activity, the participants found that their life expectancy had extended to more than 3 years.

According to UK national guidelines, 21 minutes of daily exercise hails as the amount needed for healthy adults. For those who cannot achieve this, perhaps struggling to balance work and fitness, they shouldn’t feel dismayed by the findings.

VitalityHealth researchers have added that even moving for just 60 or 90 minutes per week can lead to wonderful benefits. They found life expectancy would still increase by 2.7 years and 2.4 years respectively.

During the study, VitalityHealth looked at the results of each participant by analysing their ‘Vitality Age’. This acts as a measure of their fitness, calculating the average between their actual age and physical age.

The researchers worked out each participant’s ‘Vitality Age’ before and after the study. With these comparisons, they could then determine the effects made by lifestyle changes, such as an increased life expectancy.

In addition, they found the 21 minutes of daily exercise needed can include everyday tasks. Simple chores such as a weekly hour of household work, an hour of gardening and even walking the dog can help burn off calories.

21 Minutes of Daily Exercise could Increase Life Expectancy

With these promising results, this could act as a positive wake-up call for many British-Asians to take up more exercise.

In August 2017, the government released a new report that revealed not enough Britsh-Asians were exercising. With this poor level of fitness, it means the high likelihood of developing health complications.

However, when one thinks of exercise, they immediately conjure images of the gym and workouts. But with this VitalityHealth research, even everyday tasks can help with exercise and improvement of activity levels.

If it involves simply walking to the train station or working upstairs at work daily, this means it doesn’t take much to increase your activity levels. Enjoying the full benefits of exercise.

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Images courtesy of Indian Express and VitalityHealth.